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Preview: First Hungarian Semifinal

For the first time since 2008, Hungary will be holding a National Final in order to determine its representative at Eurovision.  (2011’s Kati Wolf and 2009’s Zoli Ádok were both internal selections.)  After Kati’s relative success last year (bringing Hungary to its first Final since 2007, and becoming a bit of a fan favorite), a wave of renewed interest in the contest brought nearly 200 songs to the offices of MTV.  The first ten of these songs will be performed tomorrow in the quest to find “A Dal (The Song)”. Read the rest of this entry

Greetings from Portugal and Hungary!

Kati Wolf’s "What About My Dreams?" (Hungary) released!

As anticipated, Kati will be singing primarily in English, with part in the original Hungarian.  I had been worried that cutting the song from over four minutes to three would damage its integrity, but it actually flows really well, and I’m happy that they kept the final section with the choral contribution.  This could really make a major impact on the scoreboard, especially if the presentation matches the high energy of the song.  At the very least, we’ve got a hand-waver at the Euroclub, and Poland’s “Jestem” has some heavy competition.

Kati Wolf’s "What About My Dreams/Szerelem miért múlsz?" for Hungary!

After a one-year absence, we finally have news on Hungary’s return to Eurovision.  A brief press conference was held at 11:00 CET (so, 4 in the morning here in Minnesota…I admit it, I set an alarm to watch it, tweeted, and promptly went back to sleep!), and possibly the worst-kept secret in this year’s Eurovision was confirmed: X-Factor alum Kati Wolf’s “Szerelem miért múlsz?” would carry the Hungarian banner to Germany this year.  Rumors about Kati had been swirling for months, but broadcaster MTV refused to confirm or deny anything, much to fans’ consternation!

The song will be partially performed in English (as “What About my Dreams?”), and pared down from its full length of over four minutes, but here’s the original studio version:

As soon as I had heard the rumors about Kati Wolf (or, in Hungarian, Wolf Kati…the name order is reversed), I held out hope that this would be the official entrant that would welcome back the Magyars.  It’s high energy and catchy, with a bit of a retro dance feel that Eurofans will likely love.  Their last two entries failed to make the finals, but this one has potential to bring Hungary back to the upper echelon of the ESC scoreboard.  My only concern is that “What About My Dreams” will be performed in the same semifinal as Poland’s “Jestem”, Armenia’s “Boom Boom”, and Croatia’s “Celebrate”, which could be seen as similarly uptempo, female-driven pop songs.  This will all come down to the presentation, I think, and whoever gets the advantage of a merciful draw number.

Another country returns to Eurovision!

…And the good news continues to come in!  Adding to a string of nations returning to the ESC stage, today brought news of Hungarian broadcaster MTV (no, not that MTV…we’re talking Magyar Televízió!) confirming that they will, in fact, be represented in Düsseldorf!  That makes the 4th nation returning to the competition (including Austria, Italy, and San Marino).  Hungary’s last participation was back in 2009, with stage performer Zoltan “Zoli” Ádok’s disco-pop number “Dance with Me“, which didn’t qualify for the finals.  (Zoli’s performance did, however, win the infamous “Barbara Dex Award”, a dubious honor presented to the evening’s worst-dressed performer.)

The jury is still out on Slovakia, so to speak.  They had said back in early December that 2011 was a no-go, but rumors of their participation still hovered around them.  Supposedly, they had applied to be on the provisional list of participants, with the option of withdrawing their names by Christmastime.  We haven’t heard any confirmations one way or the other, so we’ll have to wait for the EBU’s official verdict on who’s in and who’s out, which should come any day now.  If Slovakia rejoins the competition, that means that the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest will be tied with 2008 for the record as the biggest event ever, with 43 participating nations!  Unfortunately, applications from Liechtenstein and Qatar to join the EBU were rejected for the time being, so we won’t see any debuts from them (or any other nation) at the moment.  But there’s always 2012!