Baku 2012

All songs can be viewed here: Eurovision Song Contest – Baku 2012 Preview Player

Albania: Festivali i Këngës

  • Kosovan singer Rona Nishliu will represent Albania with the song “Suus”.  The song was selected on December 29 through the Festivali i Kenges.  More information here.



  • Ten artists will compete in a one-night event, held on February 24.  For more information, click here.
  • The Trackshittaz took the victory with “Woki mit deim Popo“.

Azerbaijan: Milli seçim turu

  • Similar to their 2011 selection process, Azerbaijan chose artists through a series of televised heats.
  • After a long process, Sabina Babayeva was selected to represent her country on home soil.  Her song “When the Music Dies“, was revealed in March.

Belarus: Eurofest

  • Fifteen artists were whittled down to five on December 21st, and a Final was held on February 14.  For a rundown of the finalist’s songs, click here.
  • Alyona Lanskaya’s “All My Life” was originally chosen as the winner, but due to allegations of corruption, it was replaced with Litesound’s “We Are the Heroes”.


  • 16-year old singer Iris was internally selected by broadcaster VRT.  More information here.
  • A two-song National Final was held in March, with “Would You?” being picked as the winning song.

Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Broadcaster BHRT internally selected singer-songwriter Maya Sar (Maja Sarihodžić).  More information here.
  • Maya’s song, “Korake ti znam“, was released in March.


  • 33 songs have been announced (but not released), and were pared down to 22 by the broadcaster.
  • Those songs will go through a semifinal on January 14, where only 12 songs will proceed to the final.  More information here.
  • The February 29 final resulted in a win for Sofi Marinova’s “Love Unlimited“.

Croatia: Dora 2012

  • Nina Badrić has been internally selected to represent Croatia.  More information here.
  • Nina’s song, “Nebo“, is the title track from her most recent album.


  • Singer Ivi Adamou was internally selected by CyBC.  More information here.
  • A three-song National Selection was held on January 25. To hear the songs, click here.
  • After a jury and televote, “La La Love” was chosen to represent Cyprus.

Denmark: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

  • The National Final was held on January 21 in Aalborg.  More details here.
  • Soluna Samay’s “Should’ve Known Better” will represent Denmark in Baku.

Estonia: Eesti Laul

  • 20 songs were announced for Eesti Laul 2012.  More information here.  Semifinals were held February 18 and 25, with a Final on March 3.
  • Ott Lepland’s “Kuula” was declared the winner.

Finland: Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK)

  • 40 songs were winnowed down to 12 through a jury vote during a series of five semifinals, to be held weekly from January 27 until February 24.  The Finals were held on February 25th.  More information here.
  • Pernilla Karlsson’s “När jag Blundar” was chosen as the Finnish representative.


  • Broadcaster France 3 internally selected singer Anggun.  More information here.
  • Her song, “Echo (You and I)” was revealed in late January.


  • An open call for songs resulted in only thirteen submissions.
  • After a National Final, Anri Jokhadze’s “I’m a Joker” was selected for Baku.

Germany: Unser Star für Baku

  • Similar to the selection process that picked Lena in 2010.
  • Heats are scheduled for January 12, and 19.
  • Elimination rounds are scheduled for 26, February 2 and 6.
  • A Quarterfinal is to be held February 9, a Semifinal on February 13, and a winner crowned on February 16.
  • Roman Lob will be performing “Standing Still” in Azerbaijan.


  • The March 12 National final resulted in a win for Eleftheria Eleftheriou’s “Aphrodisiac“.


  • An open call for songs lead to the submission of over 200 songs for Hungary.
  • Two semifinals (January 28 and February 4) will lead into an eight-song Final on February 11.
  • Compact Disco will perform “Sound of Our Hearts” for Hungary.


Iceland: Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins

  • Three five-song semifinals will be held on January 14, 21, and 28.
  • After a seven-song Final, held on February 11, it was decided that Gréta Salóme & Jónsi will perform “Mundu eftir mér” in Baku.  It is unclear whether they will sing in Icelandic, or switch to English.

Ireland: Eurosong

  • Similar to last year, five mentors will assist five acts in a performance on The Late Late Show, to be held February 24.
  • The songs were released to the public on February 9.
  • Jedward will be returning to the Eurovision stage with their song “Waterline“.


  • A full National Selection (Kdam) was originally scheduled, but it seems that plans had fallen through, so IBA opted for an Internal Selection.
  • “Time” by Izabo was selected to represent Israel in Baku.  The song leaked in mid-February, and was officially unveiled in March.

Italy: Festival di Sanremo

  • Similar to 2011, a special jury was set up as part of the San Remo Festival.
  • The Festival was held during the week of February 14.  More information here.
  • Nina Zilli will represent Italy in Baku, performing “L’amore è femmina“.

Latvia: Eirodziesma

  • After an online Preselection, 71 songs were narrowed down to 20.
  • Two Semifinals were held on January 7 and 14, with a ten-song Final held on February 18.
  • Anmary’s “Beautiful Song” was selected to go to Baku.


  • 47 acts are in the running for Lithuania.
  • Semifinals will be held February 4, 11, 18, and 25, with a National Final on March 3.
  • After years of trying, Donny Montell will be singing “Love is Blind” in Baku.


  • 24 songs will go through a Semifinal on February 3, where 16 songs will qualify for the February 4 Final.
  • Malta has selected Kurt Calleja’s “This is the Night” to represent them in Azerbaijan.

(FYR) Macedonia:


  • Moldova held their National Final on March 10.
  • Pasha Parfeny won the ticket to Baku with “Lăutar“.


  • RCTG returns to the contest for the first time since 2009 with Rambo Amadeus.  More information here.
  • His song will be called “Euro Neuro“, and was to the public in March.

Netherlands: Nationaal Songfestival

  • Over 450 songs were submitted to TROS through an open call for songs and singers.  From those, six songs went through to a National Selection on February 26, produced by John De Mol of Big Brother and The Voice fame.
  • Joan Franka will represent the Dutch with “You and Me“.

Norway: Melodi Grand Prix

  • 24 songs (already chosen) will go through three semifinals (January 21, 28, and February 4).
  • The February 11 final determined that Tooji’s “Stay” will go to Baku.

Portugal: Festival Da Canção

  • An open call for singers led to the application of over 400 hopeful artists.  A jury created by broadcaster RTP selected a top 12, who went through to a National Final on March 10.
  • Filipa Sousa will perform “Vida Minha” in Azerbaijan.


  • A National Final was held on March 10.
  • Mandinga’s “Zaleilah” will be performed in Baku.


  • A 25-song National Final was held on March 7.
  • The Buranovskiye Babushki won the ticket to Eurovision with “Party for Everybody”.


San Marino:

  • San Marino turned towards an internal selection for their 2012 participation.
  • Their song will be unveiled in March.


  • Veteran singer and composer Željko Joksimović was internally selected to represent Serbia.  More information here.
  • His song, “Nije ljubav stvar“, was released on March 10.


  • After it had been announced hat singer Miro Smajda would be representing his country, it had appeared that contract negotiations between the singer and the broadcaster had fallen through.
  • In March, however, Miro’s participation (under the stage name Max Jason Mai) was confirmed, as was his song “Don’t Close Your Eyes“.

Slovenia: Misija Evrovizija, EMA 2012

  • Slovenia’s artist selection has been ongoing since early October.  After numerous heats and elimination rounds, Misija Evrovizjia selected Eva Boto and sisters Eva & Nika Prusnik.
  • After performing against each other in EMA 2012, Eva Boto’s “Verjamem” was selected.


  • Pop/ballad/flamenco singer Pastora Soler has been announced as Spain’s artist for Baku.
  • A national final was held on March 3, where Pastora performed three tracks from her latest album.
  • Pastora will be singing “Quédate Conmigo” in Baku.

Sweden: Melodifestivalen

  • 32 songs competed in four Semifinals (February 4, 11, 18, and 25) and one Second Chance round (March 3) for a shot at the Final, held on March 10.
  • Loreen’s “Euphoria” won Melodifestivalen 2012, and will be heard at Eurovision.

Switzerland: Die grosse Entscheidungs Show

  • “Unbreakable” by Sinplus was selected on December 10.  More information here.


  • After months of speculation, Indie rock artist Can Bonomo will represent Turkey in Baku.  More information here.
  • Love Me Back” was premiered in February.


  • A 21-song National Final will be held on February 18.
  • Nineteen of the songs were chosen through an NTU jury, one act was the winners of  “Show #1”, and the last was selected via a social networking site.
  • Gaitana’s “Be My Guest” will represent Ukraine in Baku.

United Kingdom:

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