"Je Vecht Nooit Alleen" in Düsseldorf

The Dutch National final wrapped up this evening in Hilversum, and it looks like we have a winner!  Local pop-rock band the 3Js were selected internally by broadcaster TROS all the way back in July, and they were given the opportunity to write five unique songs to present to the public.  Snippets of the top five were revealed a few days back, but today the Dutch public heard the tunes for the first time in their entirety.  (If you’d like to see the full special aired by TROS today, check out Eurovision.tv’s video archive.)

After a 50/50 vote from the viewing public and an expert jury (which included two recent Dutch ESC participants), the winning song was “Je Vecht Nooit Alleen (You Never Fight Alone)”, a mid-to-uptempo tune with a soaring chorus and a positive message.

By the time the chorus rolled around, it was basically a given that this would be the winning entry.  The crowd was engaged more during “Je Vecht Nooit Alleen” than any of the other performances, and it received top marks from both the jury and the televoters.  When the short excerpts of the song were released last week, chatter from the Eurovision forums leaned more towards the eventual winner than any of the others.  The runners-up weren’t bad by any stretch, but with the exception of “De Stroom (The Stream)“, they might not have been as good of a fit for Eurovision.  Here are links to “Ga Dan Niet (Don’t Go Then)“, “Toen ik jou vergat (When I Forgot You)“, and “Weelderig Waardeloos (Luxuriously Worthless)“.

What do you think of the 3Js’ entry for Düsseldorf?  Was “Je Vecht Nooit Alleen” the best choice?  Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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  1. You know the "positive message" of the song? What is it?I found them all generic, so by the end, I could not tell which would win; I personally guessed "Umm… De Stroom?".Am I the only one who noticed the lady with the ginormous boobs? It was during one of those postcards. When I asked others who that lady was, they just responded to me, "I was watching the show, not the boobs.". But I am completely serious about it! Was I imagining it or something?

  2. Oh, and I noticed her, too..no clue what that was about! But no, you're not crazy. 😉

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