It’s Poli Genova for Bulgaria!

The next song and artist to enter the official 2011 Eurovision line-up comes from Bulgaria.  After a 19-song marathon of a National Final in Sofia, young Poli Genova took the title with her song “Na Inat (Stubborn)”.

Poli is no stranger to competition; she was the runner-up for the Bulgarian National Selection back in 2009 with the song “One Lifetime is Not Enough“, and she was also part of the group that represented Bulgaria in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest back in 2007.  They grow up so quickly, don’t they?

Last year, Bulgaria failed to reach the Finals with local star Miro and his song “Angel Si Ti”.  In fact, Bulgaria has only managed to reach the Finals once in their entire Eurovision history (2007’s “Voda“, which reached an impressive 5th place).  Do you think Poli will take “Na Inat” back to the heights that Elitsa and Stoyan took Bulgaria four contests ago?

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  1. Why is the second semi-final always more competitive than the first? Isn't the draw supposed to be random?If the second semi-final is competitive as always, Poli will have slim chances of making it. I like the piano parts, but I do not like her voice so much, even if it is part of what makes the song. It sounds a bit like a single released by an amateur artist who was in the preselection but did not make it to Eurovision, or like a post-Eurovision single by a low-ranked artist, but not so much like an actual Eurovision song.Of all the ballads in the world, why does it have to be "One Lifetime Is Not Enough" that brings Beyoncé to tears? The song was standard, and the lyrics were not that great, especially in the bridge. When I first read that article on that Beyoncé was brought to tears by it, I decided that I have to hear this one, and I was disappointed.

  2. So which girl in the Bon Bon group is Poli supposed to be? None of them seemed blond!

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