Evelina Sašenko – "C’est Ma Vie" for Lithuania

Another day, another hole filled on the Eurovision 2011 list of players!

After last year’s near-miss with InCulto’s lighthearted, fun-spirited, trouser-ripping ditty “Eastern European Funk“, the Lithuanians decided to go in another direction for 2011…

Evelina Sašenko will be singing “C’est Ma Vie (It’s My Life)” in Düsseldorf for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, but this could have just as easily been inserted into 1994, 1962, or almost any other ESC year.  I want to like it, and I’m happy to see the first official ballad of the year, but this is just…syrupy.  I feel like I need to take a shower just to rinse the treacle out of my hair.  Evelina has an undeniably lovely voice, and I wish her all the luck in the world, but she’ll be going up against high-energy tunes from Poland, Norway, Georgia, not to mention perennial powerhouse Turkey, among others, in her semifinal.  “C’est Ma Vie” is pretty, but so far it looks like it’s getting my “Cotton Candy Award” for the year: incredibly sweet, and enjoyable for the three minutes you have it, but as soon as you consume it, it dematerializes and is gone.

A funny point of fact, though…as France’s song will be performed in Corsican, and both Belgium and Switzerland will be singing in English, the only bits of French that we’re likely to hear in Eurovision 2011 will be from…Lithuania?!?

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  1. This song seems quite tough to wear and pull off, and I believe Evelina is the perfect singer for the job! Her voice sounds so wonderful in this.Maybe if they somehow add or subtract certain elements to give it more long-term impact? What would those be, though?I love the beginning of the song the most.Evelina also reminds me of a friend, as she pretty strongly resembles her!

  2. I kind of agree with you…I like Evelina, I just don't love the song itself. If any singer can carry this tune off, I think she is the one. But this just doesn't seem to stick with me…At the very least, I hope they change her dress…the semi-transparent skirt was a bit distracting for me!

  3. Do you know Courage the Cowardly Dog? I love that show, partly because it has such beautiful and inspired music! Does C'est Ma Vie not sound like a piece that would come from that show? Having just realized why I like this so much, this puts a smile on my face (maybe even a tear to my eye)!Would this explain that, what do you call it, treacle, that you feel when listening to this?

  4. Treacle? It's another word for syrup…jarabe in Spanish, stroop in Dutch…it's almost entirely sugar: thick, sticky and very sweet. In light doses, it's nice, but too much can be overwhelming (to me, anyway). And, when it spills over, it can get everywhere! That kind of explains the feeling I get when I hear this song…the liquid sugar spills out from every part of it, making a bit of a mess.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/user/EurosongGek2011#p/u/12/YbC0uKFSz1oIs this supposed to be the studio version of the song? It sounds extremely different from the live version, and not at all in a good way.By the way, I think you need a new video; the one you had up there has been removed by the user.-Finland

  6. Thanks for letting me know, Stefanos! 🙂

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