Anastasiya Vinnikova for Belarus

The word “Belorussian” literally translates to “White Russian”, which is exactly what I’ll need after listening to the entry that the nation has internally selected for Eurovision 2011.

Now, in all fairness, the version of the song seen in the video is not exactly what we’ll be seeing on the stage in Düsseldorf.  The original version, “Born in Byelorussia”, will have its lyrics revamped a bit, going from USSR-romanticizing to simply extolling the wonders of living in Belarus, a nation known for its oppressive dictatorship.  “I Am Belorussian”, the new version, really sounds like an advertisement to check out a post-Iron Curtain state that isn’t really known for its status as a tourist’s paradise.  Or, evidently, its strength in English-language education.  (Lyrics to the new version are after the jump.)  Belarus has tried this sort of thing before, with Dasha, Alina, and Karina’s Junior Eurovision entry “Sertse Belarusi” back in 2008.  The JESC entry came in 6th place, but I doubt that the same strategy will work for Belarus this time around.

This song can go in one of two ways: either it stays in more or less its current format, which will likely end up with “I Am Belorussian” at the bottom of the scoreboard, or they can revamp its presentation, camp the hell out of it, recycle Verka Serduchka’s old outfits from Ukraine 2007, and turn this outdated and awkward song into a tongue-in-cheek ode to a Post-Soviet state whose main exports could be disco balls and glitter.  But, then again, Belarus isn’t known for its self-deprecating humor, is it?

UPDATE!: A video uncovered by my friends and colleagues over at shows “Born in Byelorussia” being performed at a university function back in May of 2010, months before any entries are allowed to be revealed.  Last year, a similar situation happened with the Ukrainian entry, resulting with the song being replaced.  Will the same thing happen to Belarus?  The author of the updated song is claiming that, because of the change in lyrics, the song should be considered a new entry altogether, but EBU rules explicitly state that no song should be performed, in whole or in part, before September 1 of the previous year, even if the lyrics, arrangement, or staging are changed dramatically.  Failure to comply with this could lead to disqualification.  This story is still developing, and I’ll try my best to stay on top of it for you all.

I’m gonna make it my way
Just getting stronger each day
I’m from Belarus so I say
I’m Belorussian

I’ve got the whole life to live
I’ve got so much I can give
And you can always believe
In my friendship
Now it’s time to show…

I am Belorussian
feel it in my mind
friendly and so kind
Time’s on my side
Nothing is gonna break me now

I am Belorussian
feel it in my heart
Now it’s a new start
Here is my time
I’m gonna take it anyhow

I feel so good to be free
Honor is what you can see
My love’s as deep as the sea
I’m Belorussian”

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  1. The song also has to be 37 seconds shorter!The girl looks pretty cute! Complements end here.The melody on this thing is just awful, even offensive. The lyrics, in whichever version, are even more offensive. In other words, this is really a hot mess. I am embarrassed to play this song with my flat mates possibly listening.Belarus narrowly missed last place in Athens, with a song that was not at all suited for Eurovision. Andorra's entry was so much better that year, but we all know just how much support Andorra gets. Do you think this entry will cross that threshold?If Belarus is taking the position that Eurovision is worth nothing more than crap like this, so be it. The countries that do take this seriously and know how to go about it, though, will get ahead and make history in the Final in a good way. Belarus will only be a laughing stock, which is sad since I thought Belarus was better than that.-Finland

  2. Girl looks cute? She looks like a doll! An inflatable doll!Did you hear? She might get disqualified for performing her entry back in early 2010!

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