The TWiiNS (Slovakia) reveal "I’m Still Alive"

This weekend, the representatives from Slovakia, TWiiNS, finally revealed their entry.  And, surprisingly, it’s not half bad!

Unlike the tarted-up pop numbers that we had seen from the Nízlová sisters in their earlier singles, “I’m Still Alive” is a pleasant, harmony-laden, and (dare I say) pretty tune that surpassed my expectations.  (Granted, in all fairness, my expectations were somewhat low, considering that the TWiiNS were an internal selection from a country that may or may not have wanted to participate in Eurovision this year in the first place…minor details!)  This will be Slovakia’s first ESC entry sung in English, and Veronika and Daniela seem to have no trouble with the language.  However, after a few listens, the song does become a bit repetitive, and tends to blend into the background pretty easily.  Furthermore, the only time we’ve seen the song performed, it was lip-synched during the Miss Slovakia pageant, so I have no idea how the sisters actually sound live.

So, in our TWiiNS vs. Jedward battle, who takes the crown at this point?
Entertainment: The Slovaks have a nice tune, but it’s just that.  Nice.  The Irish, however, have taken two ferrets, dressed them in red suits, and injected them with Speed.  Advantage: Ireland 
Physical Appeal: Not taking gender into consideration, if you’re under fourteen, Jedward takes it.  Post-puberty, you’ve got to hand it to the Nízlovás.  Then again, considering the propensity for tweens to power-dial for their favorites… Advantage: Ireland
Annoyance Factor: Slovakia’s song can get a bit repetitive, but Jedward’s Jedward.  ‘Nuff said.  Advantage: Slovakia

So, will the simply pleasant win out over the love-it-or-hate it?  It’s a close one, but my money’s on Jedward for the qualification, with Slovakia on the fence, depending on how their live performance stacks up.  What are your thoughts?

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  1. I don't even know what people see in Jedward. It mkaes my mind bobble. I seriously hope these twins get higher than those though…

  2. You can tell Bryan Todd really took the wheel on this one. Who can blame them, though? If doing something authentically Slovakian does not work, why not get help from an American?After reading your review, I realize that maybe I am not giving them enough credit. They are still putting in an effort, even after Slovakia has been taking quite a beating in Eurovision. The song is much better than one might have expected. Still, a ballad is practically the only way to appear respectable and likable given the current state of their image, so it was in a way expected that they would go down this route for Eurovision. Yes, they could have decided to be the quintessential pop-tarts that are hoping for a break through Eurovision and send in some cheap pretentious up-tempo twaddle, but I was thinking Slovakia would strive for a little more than that. I know Slovakia was on the fence earlier about participating, but now that they are in, simply put, they might as well do the best they can, right?As for your hypothetical doubles duel: I keep forgetting about Jedward! Why? Whenever they do pop into my mind, then I make like Mr. Bean and chant "I got my LIPstick ON, here I come, here I come, I got my LIPstick ON, here I come, here I come.", then second verse, worse than the first!As I mentioned earlier, "love-it-or-hate-it"s tend to have significant impact, provided the "love" half of that title is strong enough, so this title would benefit Jedward over TWiiNS.-Finland

  3. how weird ! Now I know whom they remind me of constantly ! They just look like Bri, from the Desperate housewives' show !!!! I just love this song.

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