Blue’s "I Can" finally revealed

After months of waiting, the United Kingdom’s entry “I Can”, performed by veteran boy band Blue, was revealed tonight after a performance on the BBC’s “Graham Norton Show”.  Graham is not only an avid Eurovision fan, but he’s also been the network’s commentator on the ESC finals since Terry Wogan’s departure after the 2008 event.  The song’s studio version was leaked yesterday, but it wasn’t until tonight that we saw Blue perform their entry live:

I normally am not a huge fan of boy bands…I grew up surrounded by screaming hordes of Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC fans, and I generally just rolled my eyes and put on my Dave Matthews Band or La Ley CDs.  Plus, while Blue was huge in the UK, Ireland, and parts of continental Europe, they never really made much of an impact on the charts here in the US.  So, when people started flipping out over Blue’s reunion and the fact that they’d been chosen to represent the UK in the ESC, I was interested, but skeptical.  Frankly, I had been unimpressed by many similar acts in Eurovision over the years.  When I saw Lena Meyer-Landrut’s adorable reaction to Blue’s participation (which has unfortunately been removed from Youtube…bummer!), I was intrigued.  But after seeing “I Can” performed live, I’m completely convinced.  This might be the UK’s best hope for a Eurovision win since Katrina and the Waves.  It’s instantly memorable and performed well by a group with a decade of experience under their belts (displaying strong harmonies, and Lee Ryan’s high notes are golden).  Also, the fact that they already have an established fan base all over the continent gives them a major leg up, even over nations in a larger voting bloc.  I have a very difficult time imagining this not hitting the Top Five, and may very well bring the UK their first victory since 1997.

I might not go running out and tattooing Duncan James’s face on my right bicep, but if “I Can” wins the whole thing this May, I won’t feel the need to hide under my bed in a fetal position with my Ben Folds Five albums and Foo Fighters t-shirt, rocking back and forth and whimpering.  And for a staunch former hater of boy bands, that says a lot.  Very well done, UK!

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  1. Hello Samantha!I am really surprised at your review for this song. You think this is going to win? or has a chance to win? That is interesting and good (for me, being English and all.) lol I do agree it is the Uk's strongest entry to Eurovision within the past decade, maybe behind 2009's Jade, but, I must say, I am really "eh…" about this song. I don't dislike it but I don't like it either. Although, I am really happy this has a chance to make it London 2012! Which would be amazing. I just think other songs deserve the winning title like Estonia, Denmark, or dare I say it, France. 😛

  2. Hi, Jack!Again, I should reiterate that I'm simply a fan, and not a bookie! 😉 While there are songs that I personally like more (although my personal opinions on ESC rankings change as often as the weather), I think that "I Can" has the total package…song, presentation, international popularity…that makes it a real contender this year!(Although, if the UK wins it, I'm not sure if it would be hosted in London. I've actually heard rumors of Cardiff! As a Torchwood fan, that makes me incredibly happy…)

  3. Well… blue is my favourite colour!As I defied British law the day before yesterday all the way from Finland by downloading the song, I was positively shocked at what I heard! It was surprisingly good, with an updated but still boybandish sound, and a good hook in the chorus. For a moment there, I thought it could be a winner.Since then, I have overcome that initial shock, and while I still think this is a valiant effort, I am still not budging from my belief that Bosnia and Herzegovina will win. Even with the hook in the chorus, I do not feel the melody is sophisticated enough. I can see how the lyrics can have meaning to the group, like the "won't be the first to be divided, no, won't be the last to be reunited, no" part, but the rest just sounds too pedestrian.Is a "stripped-down vocal performance" really the way to go with this? To me, that just sounds like trying to make a less ambitious performance while at the same trying to appear like serious musicians selling a pop anthem to us. I do not think going down that route will serve them that well in the long run, but I could be wrong about that. Also, lose those Superman fists in the air, please!-Finland

  4. Lena is still adorable!-Finland

  5. We already have talks about which city its going to be located in? o.o We haven't even won yet! I think the BBC is getting a little too ambitious over this… Either way, it will be interesting to see who voted for the UK and who doesn't. My favorite still hangs with Estonia. But, since there is so much competition this year. My doubts are increasing that they will not win. 😦 To Stefanos, I firmly believe that Bosnia will not win. I think these are the songs that have the most chance to win:UK – Since the publicity it has gotten and all of its fans. I don't think I realized the seriousness of this entry by us until I read all the comments about it. At first, I was doubtful it would even get into the top 10, I knew it wouldn't get the last place like the UK always gets, but, like I said, I read all the comments about it and my hopes have been rising gradually that we could actually win this year.Estonia – My personal favorite and it is also a favorite for many and if not that, then it is on a lot of people's top 5's this year. (After watching Youtube). I think it will do well in Germany. Norway – A very catchy song, and although the attention has died down from this song when it was announced, everyone liked it when it came out. I think its attention will rise when the contest comes in May. Poland – I personally severely dislike this song. But! Everyone else likes it and like Estonia, it is in a lot of people's top 5's. Denmark – I really like this song and everyone else likes it. I think, if it passes the controversy (there's a lot of heat on this song now and on Belarus that I think you should address =D) then it will do well.

  6. I'm kind of with Jack and Stefanos (well, at least, I think)…I can't say that I absolutely loved this song listening to it just now. (I think I actually rolled my eyes a bit at the fist pump move they did. :)) However, I do agree that it's a very strong contender. It definitely seems like the kind of song Eurovision likes to embrace, and the fact that Blue is experienced really helps the UK out a lot too.

  7. I think the United Kingdom is getting rewarded more for actually putting in an effort rather than giving us a truly great song.Also first time I heard the song, I was not watching the performance, so I had no opportunity to roll my eyes at the fist pumps then as I probably would have otherwise.-Finland

  8. At least its not the American "fist pumping." How appalling that is.

  9. Ugh, don't get me started on my hatred of "Jersey Shore"…I grew up in New Jersey, and that show just gives my home state a terrible reputation…::sigh::

  10. What a pity ! not the best of blue.

  11. I agree this is the UK's best chance for over a decade. Jade was lovely, but very show tune-ish – not Eurovision really at all. Our European friends were very kind to give our Lord Webber such generous votes!

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