Anastasia Vinnikova: "I Love Belarus"

Getting their entry into the EBU right before the deadline, Belarus has just released their official replacement for the disqualified “Born in Bielorussia” and “I am Belarussian”.  Imaginatively, it’s called “I Love Belarus”. 

Now, I love a dulcimer just as much as the next girl, but even that can’t save this one.  I don’t mind a song with a touch of national pride (as we see with the revamped Albanian entry), but when it’s coming from the last dictatorship in Europe, it comes off as forced.  This is a bit of an improvement over the songs that it replaced, but I can’t shake the indelible aura of “Stockholm Syndrome” that surrounds it.  Anastasia’s voice isn’t bad, and if given the right song, she could have done something really special, but I would personally be shocked if this qualified for the finals.

Hopefully, this means that the Belarussian soap opera will be over…at least, until ESC 2012!

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  1. Wow! I suppose it's good that the other two songs were disqualified because I actually like this one. I disliked the other two but this is actually pretty good. I think it's possible that this will go to the final because of all the people that just tune in to watch eurovision. The people who avidly follow eurovision will realize the message behind it. Whilst the people who don't will not know the history of this song's progression. lol

  2. Well, this is marginally but noticeably better than "Born in Bielorussia". The melody is not offensive this time! The lyrics, however, still are. It makes me wonder if the songwriters were interested at all in doing this song any possible "justice", because surely they knew beforehand that people will make fun of this later down the years.This song, actually, sounds a bit like a Ruslana song, which inspires me to think that Vinnikova might be an anti-Ruslana, given Ruslana's involvement in the Orange Revolution, and given what we are given here!-Finland

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