Russia’s Alexey Vorobyov ("Alex Sparrow") – "Get You" released

After weeks of speculation, Russia’s 2011 Eurovision contribution has been officially presented to the public.  Written by international hitmaker RedOne and performed by Alexey Vorobyov (who will go by the stage name “Alex Sparrow”), “Get You” was premiered on the opening night of a Russian reality show:

On a first listen, I kind of enjoyed “Get You”.  It’s the kind of sexy, catchy pop entry that Russia has had some pretty major success with in the past (like what we saw with Alsou, tATu, and Serebro).  It will, undoubtedly, be a big hit in the Euroclub!  However, when I listened to it the second time around (when I generally try to pay more attention to the lyrical content, as opposed to my first impressions of the music), I got almost immediately creeped out.  I know, as a woman, that I generally like a guy with some measure of confidence, but the song sounds as if the Big Bad Wolf were being interrogated on an episode of “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”.  “I’m coming to get you…I know you want me to…If you really want to have fun tonight, just scream!”  I know that’s not Alex and RedOne’s intent, but for me, the fun of the song has now been overshadowed by some sketchy lyrics.  I admit that I’m probably being just overly sensitive here, and reading too deeply into the words of a pop song, but I’m a bit too skeeved out to really enjoy this song for what it is.

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  1. LOL I was bursting out with laughter when I heard him say "I'm coming to get you!" It sounds like some creepy pedophile/crazed stalker line. And then he continues by saying "I've been watching you." Kinda scary…

  2. Ok, so I'm not the only one who feels that way! ::phew!::

  3. I must say I am rather surprised by your review of this song. I am not saying you should not like it if you do; I just did not think you would like it at all. I also did not expect a characterization of "sexy" for the song. I agree, Russia 2007 was pretty sexy. Russia 2003 was performed by pseudo-homosexual girls; maybe for men who like the idea of possibly converting gay women to straight, it is sexy?What do you think makes a song sexy, just out of curiosity? You can have a blond bombshell singing a song, but is that all there is to it? What makes the song itself sexy?Now about this song: I just do not like it at all. I can live with an accent, but this thick? I do not like his voice at all, either. The melody sounds like something by the Beach Boys from the 1960s. Those waiter-boys in the back are so 2007, are they not? And I agree with both of you, Jack and Sam, the lyrics do have this rather sick vibe to them.I think this makes RedOne look desperate, given that his Eurovision hopes for Sweden were smashed when Love Generation failed to even get out of Andra Chansen, so why not go to the country that can get away with basically anything?-Finland

  4. Stefanos, I don't really like this one…no surprise needed! (You know me, though, I try to find the positive in songs as much as possible, even if it's not my taste. There's someone out there who likes "Get You", I'm sure!)And when I say "sexy", I don't mean that it personally appeals to me, but that sex is used as a selling point for the song. Whether it's in the melody, the lyrics, or the presentation, there are a million ways to infuse an ESC song with an element of titillation, and it seems like Russia's tried most of them in recent years. Not that that's a bad thing, but I prefer a more subtle approach, personally! (If given the choice between Alexey and Raphael Gualazzi, for example, I'd feel more drawn to Raphael and his obvious and genuine passion for his craft.)

  5. in really Alex is very good boy, even VERY, VERY good boy…

  6. i think that everyone is reading too far into the song… who's popular now, what lady gaga or the other shit we hear on the television. If people like that crap whats so bad about this. I'm sorry to break it to you guy but as far as shit like lady gaga and her born this way video, i'm sorry but thats anything but normal. and yes russian can get away with it all cuz the singers they bring actually have something to look at unlike the creepy french or other countries that bring weird ass singers to the eurovision

  7. About the comment on his accent, its the eurovision. If you didn't know i'm glad that i can teach you something new… its an international song contest so yes, anyone attempting to sing in english would have an accent. thanks 🙂

  8. I have no problem with accents in general. If an accent, however, is not aesthetically pleasing, I will call the singer out on it. There are accents (I am all for new ways of pronouncing words that drive home a given point.), then there are problematic accents, like so.-Finland

  9. And maybe you just have a period 😉

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