New Videos/Versions for Bulgaria, Russia, Slovenia, Poland, and Belarus

Over the past few days, a number of official videos have been released for some of this year’s entries (and we’re still expecting ones from Israel, the UK, Armenia, Sweden, and Azerbaijan).  Plus, we’ve got new translations for a few entries!  Let’s get right to it:

Starting off, Bulgaria’s Poli Genova released the official clip for “Na Inat (For Spite)”, and I must say that I’m really impressed!

This new video blends the anthemic pop-rock vibe of Poli’s National Final performance with the universal message of “we can change the world together” that is all-so-prevalent in Eurovision.  Those who don’t understand Bulgarian (like me, for example) will be able to hone into Poli’s meaning pretty easily (if Miss Genova releasing a dove at the end doesn’t hammer it home, you might need your head checked). 

Next, Russia’s Alexey Vorobyov (aka “Alex Sparrow”) released his video for “Get You”, although it looks to be a poor re-edit of the clip for his song “Bam Bam!“.

If you’re going to use clips from your previous singles for your Eurovision promo video, an artist had better make sure that it’s a convincing edit.  The best example of this would have to be the Ukraine’s 2009 clip for “Be My Valentine“, which took pieces from Svetlana Loboda’s earlier songs “Ne Macho“, “Postoy, Muschina!“, and “Mishka“, with only little snippets of new footage.  For “Get You”, however, the lip-syncing seems off, and (for lack of a better word), this just seems sleazy.  Ok, Alex, we get it.  You’re good looking, you likely have your pick of any woman in Russia, and you could probably kick the teeth out of someone who would get in your way.  Good for you.  Moving on…

Oh, Slovenia…you had such promise.  I loved the original Slovene version of your entry “Vaniljia”, and even when it was translated into English, I could look past a few pronunciation errors and still appreciate Maja Keuc’s powerful vocals and dramatic flair.  But the official video…

If the cast from “Mission: Impossible” and “Twilight” had a love child and let her run free in a Renaissance Festival, I imagine the result would look a lot like the clip for “No One”.  Maja looks beautiful, as always, but this video just makes me just want to scratch my head and go “huh?”.  If you remember my commentary on last year’s Macedonian video, the same sentiment goes for this clip. 

The Polish delegation has just released the second English-language version of their song “Jestem“.  After “First Class Ticket To Heaven” was panned by Eurovision fans worldwide (it was enough of a disaster that all versions of it have been removed from YouTube, in fact!), their second attempt, “Present“, is a significant improvement.  The song will still be performed in Magdalena Tul’s native Polish, however.

Finally, the Belorussian team working with Anastasiya Vinnikova has just released a Belorussian-language version of their entry “I Love Belarus”, entitled “Мая Беларусь (My Belarus)“.  (That might have set the record for the amount of times that the word “Belarus” has been written in a single sentence.  I expect a statue in my honor to be built in Minsk by this time next week.)  The song will still be performed in English.  Whether that’s a good thing or not still remains to be seen.

More to come!

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  1. Lol you really don't like Russia this year, do you? I was laughing at this. ^_^ I really don't think kicking someone in the face and then acting like a jerk to that one guy is hot, in fact, it makes him look really ugly to me… Through his videos, he has way to much of an ego. He needs to get over himself. Love your posts, Samantha!

  2. Bulgaria: You are right! Beautiful video!Russia: Quite expected. Quite expected that he would try flaunting himself at us like this. Look, I am no prude, so I am not necessarily bothered by there being a sex scene in the toilet; what bugs me is the severity of the taste issue behind it all (then again, sex scene in toilet and taste issue are almost mutually inclusive), and for me, taste issues are awfully hard to forgive. I am all for good looks, but one should also be self-aware, too, no? Self-love without self-awareness is just… dumb, for lack of better word (Jack Buck is quite right). His greeting was a shipwreck, I was stunned! I did not even care to watch the 11-minute interview that came with it.Slovenia: Can you make this entry any less appetizing? This is easily the most disappointing entry this year, which is not saying it is the worst by any means. It has just disappointed me so much, which is what I mean by disappointing. The switch to English has taken a toll (Why do we need to know literally what she is singing about? Just leave it to our imaginations! Making it English really narrows its point of view, and to top it off, we are getting tons of Aguilera references that we would not otherwise have! These Aguilera references in particular will be detrimental to her career, since people will see her as subordinate to Aguilera.), and now this. *Sigh* Even Maja is allegedly "so fuc*ing disappointed" according to an alleged friend of hers, telling us on that she said that on her Facebook profile. If her performance in Düsseldorf looks anything like this, she is finished.How much time does she have to course-correct? Will she course-correct, and un-disappoint me in the process? Just as in the video, she is in the woods! IN THE WOODS, I TELL YOU!Poland: On the other hand, here is someone that benefited from listening! The Polish version is still better (compare rhythm of "Jestem twym natchnieniem" with that of "I'm your inspiration"), but at least Present does not come off as too contrived like First Class Ticket To Heaven.Belarus: Might be good for an album, maybe even a radio single, but not for Eurovision.-Finland

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