By popular demand…

…Here’s ESCKaz’s interview with the lovely Dino Merlin.  He’s singing “Love in Rewind” for Bosnia and Herzegovina, first up in the Second Semifinal. I was behind the camera on this one, so I apologize in advance! 😉

Posted on May 5, '11, in 2011, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Personal. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Nice interview too and great camera work of course!I wish he would sing in Serbo-Croatian / Bosnian though.Toggie

  2. How adorable! He really makes me smile when he starts singing, and that is pretty rare for me.I still believe as strongly as ever that he is this year's winner!He also speaks English very well, contrary to nonsensical rumours about it. His accent I really love, as well, speaking and singing. Are there any competitors this year who do not speak English?-Finland

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