Sneak Preview: Albanian National Final

After two semifinals and a 50th-anniversary retrospective, the final night of Albania’s Festivali i Këngës is scheduled for Thursday night.  The winner (and, therefore, song for Baku) will be selected by a 100% jury vote from the twenty songs in the final.  However, as is seemingly customary for Albania in recent years, there are often drastic changes from what wins in Tirana and what gets to the ESC.  Changes in arrangement, timing, and language are not uncommon…what you see is not necessarily what you get!For those of you who have missed the Semifinals (held on Monday and Tuesday), here are the twenty candidate songs:

Qualifying from Night One:

  1. Gerta Mahmutaj – Pyete zemrën
  2. Bashkim Alibali – Këngën time merr me vehte
  3. Samanta Karavello – Zgjomë një tjetër ëndërr
  4. Endri & Steffi Prifti – Mbi cdo iluzion
  5. Rona Nishliu – Suus
  6. Rudina Delia – Më kërko
  7. Marjeta Billo – Vlen sa një jetë
  8. Hersi Matmuja – Aty ku më le
  9. Elton Deda – Kristal
  10. Altin Goci – Kthehem prapë

Qualifying from Night Two:

  1. Toni Mehmetaj – Ëndrra e parë 
  2. Dr. Flori – Personale
  3. Kamela Islamaj – Mbi yje
  4. Frederik Ndoçi – Oh… jeta ime
  5. Bojken Lako – Të zakonshëm
  6. Mariza Ikonomi – Më ler të të dua
  7. Iris Hoxha – Pa ty
  8. Saimir Braho – Ajer
  9. Xhensila Myrtzaj – Lulet mbledh për hënën
  10. Elhaida Dani – Mijra vjet


Who do you think will take Albania’s flag to Baku?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. An underwhelming start to the season, but I’d pick Marsida Saraci out of these….

  2. Sadly, she was knocked out after the First Semi… 😦

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