(Most of) Austria’s Songs Unveiled!

Austrian radio station Ö3, in conjunction with broadcaster ORF, have released the names and most of the tracks for this year’s national selection, “Österreich rockt den Song-Contest”.  (The two outliers, to be performed by Blockstars and Krautschädl, are still currently being produced and will be released to the public shortly.)

The songs are:

  • Blockstars – TBA
  • James Cottriall – “Stand Up”
  • !Deladap – “Crazy Swing”
  • Krautschädl – TBA
  • Mary Broadcast Band – “How Can You Ask Me”
  • Papermoon – “Vater, father, mon père”
  • Norbert Schneider – “Medicate My Blues Away”
  • Trackshittaz – “Woki mit deim Popo”
  • Valerie – “Comme ça”
  • Conchita Wurst – “That’s What I Am”

You can listen to the available songs here.  The Austrian final will be held on February 24th.

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  1. Being essentially focused on songs sung in native languages, I only listened to the ones sung in German, and I am not pleased with the 2 choices made although Papermoon is not so bad.
    I guess Trackshittaz have a big chance to get the ticket as they are popular in Austria now though.

    I will see who wins this later.

  2. Some more thoughts about the Austrian songs as I have finally listened to the remaining songs.

    My favorites are:
    1. James Cotriall
    2. Deladap (though a hundred times listened to somewhere else)
    3. Mary broadcast band
    4. Conchita Wurst

    The German rock song by Krautschadl could be impressive on stage, but as long as I don’t see them perform, it is not in my favorites.

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