Latvia picks their Second Five Qualifiers

The second semifinal of Latvia’s National Final, Eirodziesma, was held today, and only half of the ten songs in the running were going to make it through to the Final on February 18, so the competition was fierce.  After a 50/50 Jury/Televote split, we have the five lucky winners:

Elizabete Zagorska – “You Are a Star”

Anmary – “Beautiful Song”

Roberts Pētersons – “She’s a Queen”

Triānas Parks – “Stars Are My Family”

Mad Show Boys – “Music Thief”

These five songs will join the qualifiers from last weekend on February 18 in Ventspils, where a Jury/Televote split vote will determine Latvia’s representative for Baku.

Samanta Tīna & Dāvids Kalandija – “ I Want You Back”
PeR – “Disco Superfly
Andris Ābelīte – “We Can Change The World
Rūta Dūduma -”My World
Paula Dukure – “Celebration

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