Twelve Finalists Revealed in Finland

The Finnish Top Twelve (or, arguably, Fifteen) were revealed today on national broadcaster YLE, after a jury had whittled down the 540 nationwide applicants to a worthy few.  Twelve songs were handpicked by a jury consisting of musical professionals, but a thirteenth song will be up to the decision of the viewers of this year’s “Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu”.

The twelve jury-selected entries are:

From now until next Thursday, Finnish viewers will have the opportunity to select a thirteenth finalist from the following three songs:

For the record, that means that out of the fifteen songs in the running this year, only five are in English, while nine are in Finnish and one is in Swedish.  Finland has sent songs in their native tongue twice (2008 and 2010) since the EBU’s National Language Rule was dropped in 1999, which may seem paltry, but fellow Nordics Iceland, Denmark and Sweden have only performed in English since the rule change, and Norway has only sent one non-English entry (in 2006, unless you count smatterings of Spanish and Swahili).

After a series of specials and elimination heats, Finland will select their song for Baku on February 25th at the Helsinki Ice Hall.

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  1. Quite disappointing overall, but it seems that these songs are just demos and that the final versions will be made available today ?
    We’ll see, but I am really wondering who will get the ticket to Baku…

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