Results: Third Semifinal in Norway

Yesterday marked the third and last Semifinal in Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix, live from the Idrettssenter in Florø. Eight songs were competing for three spots in next week’s National Final (although one Wildcard winner will be announced on Thursday).

Winning a ticket to the Oslo Spektrum Arena for next week are:

  • Petter Øien & Bobby Bare – “Things Change” (Bobby is a veteran singer on the American Country scene, while Petter is the lead singer for Sie Gubba, who came in 4th place during last year’s MGP with “Alt du vil ha“.)
  • Tooji – “Stay”
  • Yaseen & Julie Maria – “Sammen”

Missing out this week, but still in the running for the Wildcard pass to the Final, are:

So, it looks like we’ll have a pretty diverse final next week in Oslo.  We’ve got at least two songs in Norwegian, a smattering of country, some teen-pop, a bit of traditional schlager, a ballad, and some metal…and we still have one more song to be determined!  Who stands out for you?

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  1. Where did you find out about the wildcard shortlist?

    • Samantha Ross

      That isn’t the Wildcard shortlist, it’s just who didn’t qualify this week…I assumed that all non-qualifiers are under consideration for the Wildcard.

  2. Ah, Sorry – will read in more detail next time

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