Hungary has decided: it’s Compact Disco!

Tonight was an exceptionally busy one in Eurovision circles; between two semifinals and a trio of National Finals, fans had their work cut out for them!  The first of the Finals to determine its winner was Hungary, which returned to a National Selection format for the first time since 2008.  After the eight competing songs were narrowed down to four via a televote, the professional jury took the reins and picked a winner from that lucky quartet.

With two votes from the four-member jury panel, the victory went to electro-rock band Compact Disco, with their anthemic track “Sound of Our Hearts” (official video posted below):

Compact Disco have been playing and recording since 2008, and have released a pair of albums: 2009’s “Stereoid” and 2011’s “II”, both to critical acclaim.  They’ve been nominated for numerous Fonogram Awards (the Hungarian equivalent of a Grammy, Brit, or Juno), and took home the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Hungarian Act in 2011 (although they were beaten out for the award for Best European Act by Lena Meyer-Landrut, who Eurofans know all too well).

I, for one, really enjoy this song.  It might not have gone over as well live as it does on a studio track, but I have a feeling that a song like this would be better-presented on a large stage, rather than in a small television studio.  Stacking it up next to the other rock track that we’ve got in the competition already (Sinplus’s “Unbreakable“, from Switzerland), I think this one makes more of a lasting impact, both musically and emotionally, even if Sinplus is more instantly catchy.  If Belarus picks Litesound’s “We Are the Heroes” this week, however, both entries might have a run for their money…but that’s an entry for another day, my friends.

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  1. This song has achieved my top personal position. lol Depending on how the Estonian selection goes, this may be the song that I vote for (And of course if anything else pops up). But, for now, I know that this will definetely be in my top 5. I think it’s great, amazing, and I love any song that has a message like this one does. (I also loved “Sweet People” by Alyosha in 2010, which was one of my favorites).

  2. I like it: it sounds modern and different from what we usually get at Eurovision. But I don’t think they’ll qualify for the final.

  3. I think this will get Hungary a decent result – possibly better than Kati last year, maybe even a “New Tomorrow” style anthem score… who knows. The performance probably needs a bit of work, and I think it depends on whats near it in the draw…

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