Ukraine has decided: it’s Gaitana!

This morning, Ukranian broadcaster NTU held their National Final, where twenty-one songs fought it out for the right to represent the country in Baku this May.  After a jury- and televote, it was Gaitana who stood above the rest, with her upbeat disco number “Be My Guest”:

The 32-year-old Gaitana (last name: Essami), who also penned “Be My Guest”, was born in Ukraine, but spent much of her childhood in her father’s homeland of the Republic of the Congo.  She has released a half-dozen albums over the past decade, including a children’s album.

As for my thoughts, I see this as a madcap, hectic, yet welcome return to the over-the-top entries of Ukraine’s past.  The past two years brought quieter, more subtle performances from Alyosha and Mika Newton, but I was beginning to miss the insanity that Kiev used to bring to the show.  If Gaitana plays her cards right, she has the potential to create an unforgettable moment like Svetlana’s “Hell Machine” from 2009 or the hyperactive Cossacks from “Wild Dances“.  If there’s any country that knows how to present a song like “Be My Guest”, it’s Ukraine.  At the very least, this is going to be a hoot at the Euroclub!

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  1. Ukraine may well be back on form where the performance is concerned – I agree with you that whatever they decide to throw on stage for this song will be insane and memorable!
    In my opinion, her voice doesnt quite suit the song; the vocals are very loud and in-your-face ALL. THE. TIME. 😛 But then, I am over the moon to see the return of the Ruslana-esque trumpets to a Ukrainian ESC song.
    It’ll grow on me.

  2. I love it !

    I can see it win this year way ahead (at least with the televoting).
    France did well with televoting when they had that bad football song, and Ukraine’s song is 1000 times better this time !

    And I like the trumpets too !

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