Croatia: Nina Badrić releases “Nebo”

As announced back in January, Croatia’s traditional National Final, Dora was cancelled in favor of an Internal Selection.  Veteran performer Nina Badrić was selected by broadcaster HRT, but it was unclear which song she would take to Baku.  That question was answered this weekend on a special aired by the network, where an edited version of the title track of Nina’s most recent album, “Nebo (Heaven)”, was unveiled.

This is the sort of big-voiced, dramatic ballad that we have come to expect from the Balkan region, but I think it’s beautifully sung and capably performed by an experienced entertainer.  This year’s draw will be favorable to Croatia, as the lion’s share of the former Yugoslavian nations ([FYR] Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Slovenia, to be exact) will be in Nina’s semifinal.  If she decides to keep “Nebo” in Croatian, the handicap of not singing in English would be mitigated by the fact that so many linguistically similar regions will have the chance to vote for her.  Obviously, as Eurovision is more than simply a contest of cultural or geopolitical chess (or at least we like to think so), it will all depend on her staging and performance on the night.  But what do you think?

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  1. I think Nina’s a great artist, and with all the neighbourly support, I reckon she’ll definitely get Croatia back into the final. As for what it could do there, like you say it will depend on her performance, and to a certain extent where she comes in the draw. The song is one of the best ballads this year, with elements of both modern and ethnic sounds. However, will it stand out next to a few similar songs (eg. Iceland, Albania, potentially Spain…) ??? I hope so…

  2. Croatia is back with a very good ballad.
    One of my favorite for 2012 !

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