Kaliopi unveils “Crno i belo”

On Wednesday, as Bulgaria went through the process of selecting their song for Baku, neighboring (FYR) Macedonia revealed “Crno i belo”, the song that the internally-selected Kaliopi would be taking to Azerbaijan.  Composed by her ex-husband and regular collaborator Romeo Grill, and with lyrics by Kaliopi herself, here’s a look at the dramatic rock ballad:

A version in English, “Black and White” was also premiered, but it appears that the version in Macedonian is the one that we’ll hear during the Second Semifinal on May 24.

When I had heard that Kaliopi was Macedonia’s pick for this year’s Eurovision, I wondered how her voice had evolved since her first attempt at representing her country, back in 1996.  “Samo Ti” was a big, dramatic, almost gospel-tinged number that sadly didn’t get the chance to be heard in Norway, due to an un-aired semifinal.  Here we are, sixteen years later, and she’s finally made it to the ESC stage.  The contest may have changed a lot, but Kaliopi still has a major voice, plus she’s gained the experience to know how to control it (that high note .  Also, by adding an element of rock, Kaliopi is setting herself apart somewhat from the stereotypical “Balkan Ballad” that we’re seeing from Croatia and Slovenia (Maya Sar’s song for Bosnia and Herzegovina, as we know, is still to be seen).  I think that with some dramatic staging and a higher level of production, “Crno i belo” might benefit from an advantageous draw and make it into the Final, something that Macedonia has failed to do since 2007.

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  1. I don’t know yet which language Serbia and Montenegro will use, but I guess they will sing in their national language. So all of the former Yugoslavian countries + Albania, Estonia, France (very few Enlish words), Spain, Portugal (all titles announced are in Portuguese), Italy, Bulgaria: has the number of non-English songs increased this year ? Of course, I don’t take into account the 3 countries that have English as their official language (they could all send a song in another language, either Celtic or Maltese every three year but they never !). And Iceland will translate their song into English, right ?

    Quite a good year for language variety (but could be much better) !

  2. Oh, I have forgotten Austria !

  3. I have become a bit of a Kaliopi fan, in general, since hearing that she would be representing Macedonia. This song, in my opinion, isn’t her personal best, but I still really do like it, and I also hope it’ll be enough to send her to the final!

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