Preview: Melodifestivalen Final

Well, after weeks of buildup, the Grande Dame of Eurovision National Finals is just about ready to make her pick.  Sweden’s Melodifestivalen often draws bigger ratings than the ESC itself, and this Saturday’s Final, to be held in Stockholm’s Globen Arena, is shaping up to be a fantastic culmination.  We’ve had a few surprises so far (including the crash-and-burn result of former Eurovision champion Charlotte Perrelli in the Semifinals)…what will the Finals bring?

In running order, the ten songs in the running to represent Sweden in Baku (with their Semifinal performances) are:

  1. David Lindgren – “Shout It Out
  2. Thorsten Flinck och Revolutionsorkestern – “Jag reser mig igen
  3. Dead by April – “Mystery
  4. Lisa Miskovsky – “Why Start a Fire?
  5. Top Cats – “Baby Doll
  6. Loreen – “Euphoria
  7. Ulrik Munther – “Soldiers
  8. Björn Ranelid feat. Sara Li – “Mirakel
  9. Molly Sandén – “Why Am I Crying?
  10. Danny Saucedo – “Amazing

Out of these ten songs, “Jag reser mig igen” and “Baby Doll” qualified through the Andra Chansen (Second Chance) round.  Some of these names are familiar to Melodifestivalen and Eurovision fans.  Loreen’s song for last year’s MF, “My Heart is Refusing Me“, was a fan favorite that fell at the Andra Chansen level.  Danny Saucedo took last year’s silver medal with “In the Club“.  Molly Sandén is an alum of Junior Eurovison, having represented Sweden in 2006 with Det finaste någon kan få“.  (Interestingly, Molly’s little sisters Frida and Mimmi also represented Sweden in JESC…and some might remember Molly’s ex-boyfriend from his participation in Eurovision last year).

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  1. I want Loreen (I like her song the most) or Lisa (I like her stage presentation).

    Please, no Saucedo or any narrative Swedish song to Baku !

  2. Loreen’s in!!

  3. Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laureen did it !

    It’s very hard for me to fall in passion for a Swedish song at Eurovision: recently I only appreciated 2010 (that even didn’t qualify !) and now 2012.

    Toniht has been a good eurovision night with a wonderful Serbian song (hopefully it will stay in Serbian) and a Michel Telo sounding-like Romanian song !

    Bravo Europe !

    • I too find it difficult to fall for a Swedish ESC entry. I loved their 2010 (Bergendahl), but abhored last year’s. This years entry is better than all of the entries of the last 5 years with the exception of 2010, IMO. I just don’t see this being the winnerthough.

  4. I like the Portuguese song too.
    What a pity RTP does not take advantage of Michel Telo’s success to send this kind of songs to Eurovision though ! Michel Telo has conquered the 1srt place in many European charts !!!
    I do understand Portugal wants to celebrate fado and that Telo’s song are rather Brasilian than Portuuese, but still, Portugal could give it a chance from time to time…
    I have noticed the same default for Spain, not taking into account Hispanic successes from South and central America in order to succeed at Eurovision. I don’t mean Spain and Portugal should throw away their own traditional music for more internationally accepted Hispanic or Brasilian trends, I just mean why not try from time to time ?

  5. I am glad other people noticed the Michel Telo in the Romania contestant, also the Sheryl Crow like song by Denmark ….

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