Preview: Eurofest in Belarus

Ladies and gentlemen, here we are.  After months of Post Eurovision Depression, we can finally blow the dust off of our chisels as we start to carve the first new names into ESC History for this year.

(Or, at least, we’ll try.  This is Belarus, after all.)

Friday, December 7 brings us the first National Final of the 2013 calendar, when all eyes turn to Minsk, Belarus and Eurofest.  Ten songs will compete for the right to represent their homeland in Sweden this May, and hopefully bring the nation back into the Finals for the first time since 2010.  Some are familiar names to those who keep an eye on the National Final scene (or, at least, keep an eye on Eurovision scandals).  Let’s take a look at the roster:

1) Vitaliy Voronko – “I Wonder How You
2) Max Lorens – “I Love Your Charming Eyes
3) Alyona Lanskaya – “Rhythm of Love

  • (Alyona was originally declared the winner of last year’s National Final with the ballad “All My Life“, but due to allegations of vote-rigging, her victory was revoked in favor of Litesound’s “We Are the Heroes”.)

4) Yan Jenchak (aka “Yankey”) – “Letter to Mother
5) Beaver Band – “Incredible Girl
6) Daria – “Catch Me Again
7) Uzari – “Secret

  • (Uzari, who was one of Anastasiya Vinnikova’s backing singers for the 2011 entry “I Love Belarus“, also participated in Eurofest last year with the song “The Winner“.  Despite the song’s title, he came in 5th.)

8) Alexey Gross – “One Way Love
9) Nuteki – “Save Me

  • (Rockers Nuteki took part in last year’s Eurofest with the song “Superheroes“, but failed to advance to the finals.)

10) Satsura – “Get Out of My Way


So, there you have it.  Ten go up, only one comes out.  Unless there’s a disqualification again.  Then two might survive.  Or perhaps three.

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  1. Listened to them all a few weeks back. Can barely recall any of them now from their names, so on the strength of that, Alyonsa to finally not be disqualified from the #1 spot I think.

    • Samantha Ross

      I know it’s a long shot, considering the deck seems to be stacked in Alyona’s favor, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Nuteki. (Although I’d love to see the fanboys’ collective heads explode if Beaver Band takes it…HA!)

  2. Why Alyona (Ukraine has Alyosha; Belarus has Alyona! How will you ever keep them straight, now that I pointed it out? Jinx!), persists on singing in English is beyond me. Her accent is just too thick.

    You know whom I find myself missing? It might surprise you to find out she is in fact this talented, but check it:

    With material more on this level, I see no reason why Gunesh should not wow everyone with her talent. She might not exactly win with a song like this, since the kind that sounds better live than in studio (like Finland this year) do not seem to register that well, but it could do quite well by some accounts.

  3. I have this hideous feeling it’s going to be Beaver/Bever Band FTW, but I’d love it to be Alena, Uzari or Alexey. I know we’re all joking that whoever wins won’t go to Malmo anyway, but hopefully the lesson has been learnt.

  4. It is hard to say they made the wrong choice (though Nuteki was kind of cool), but I am still unenthused. Her prior works, like “Everybody Get Up, Everybody Get Down” and “Life Is OK”, demonstrated a bit more style.

  5. First Impression of Alyona’s song is snooooze. Seriously, you know you are in trouble when I look at the recording and think “only a minute has past? Damn, when is this going to end?”

  6. I’ll never understand how come Uzari was so underrated. Did Alyona arrange to flop him as well? Despite the terrible backing vocal and those weird ears, he used to be my favorite. Anyways, let’s hope the dictator to get rid of Alyona once again and send Nuteki to Malmö!

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