A Song for Roberto: “Love Kills” in Belgium

On Sunday, Belgian radio station VivaCité hosted a rare audio-only National Final to pick a song for Roberto Bellarosa, the young winner of The Voice Belgique. Three songs were in the running, with two in English and one in Roberto’s native French.

After a 50/50 jury/televote split, “Love Kills” was announced as the winner, and will be performed in Malmö this May, being picked over “Reste toi” and “Be Heroes“:

All in all, the song has some pretty decent pop potential, especially after Roberto’s had the time to polish up his English skills and clean up the tune’s arrangement.  (That might have been an advantage to having picked the song so early.)  Walloon Belgium has not qualified for a Eurovision Final since the introduction of the Semifinal system, but it’s still too early to tell how “Love Kills” will stack up in Sweden, considering that this is only the third song selected for the 2013 roster.

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  1. It’s about a 45/100 right now, but with only a few changes (accent, key change), it could easily be at least a 75, which is the highest score I have for any of the Latvian songs. The only reason I use that song as an example is because it fits. Have you heard any of them?

  2. I don’t know… I am starting to think Belgium just does not get Eurovision, and that they lucked into that one successful entry for Oslo. Then again, I thought they had the potential for a good entry in 2012. We virtually all said at the time that Iris’ two songs were (aside from very good) about equal, but I have begun to think otherwise since her performance in Baku. “Would You” simply did not unfold on the Baku stage at all; it was too introvert. “Safety Net” I believe would have done the unfolding much much better.

    Anyway, that does not seem to be the problem this year. This year the problem is much worse. It is hard to claim they exactly made the wrong choice again since none of them were suitable for Eurovision in the first place. In addition, while you would expect the victory at La Voix Belgique would provide some reassurance of his live capabilities, this live definitely gives a poor impression (was he singing in the morning by any chance?). And you would think that something along the lines of “Je Crois” would make for a suitable entry. The song closest to that was “Reste-Toi”, which, let’s face it, sounded suitable for Junior Eurovision, and not even as the winning entry.

    Sure there is clearly room for polish for what they picked, but I cannot imagine even the finished product working any wonders in Malmö.

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