“Nouvelle Star” Amandine Bourgeois for France

Continuing their trend of selecting an artist internally, broadcaster France 3 has delved into their Rolodex of reality television victors and pulled out a versatile, promising name: Amandine Bourgeois.  The winner of Season Six of “Nouvelle Star”, the now-33-year-old singer impressed judges on the show with songs ranging from “Nothing Compares 2 U” to “Rehab” to “Bring Me To Life“.  Now she’s impressed a panel of musical experts from France Télévisions, who have given her the ticket to Sweden. 

Since her win in 2008, Amandine has released two albums, including 2012’s “Sans amour mon amour”.  Here’s the record’s title track:

Amandine appears to be a versatile, talented singer and songwriter with a lot of potential.  Her song is rumored to be called “L’Enfer Et Moi (Hell and Me)”, but the track itself has not been released.  Then again, France 3 has the tendency to release the names of the artist and song weeks before they unleash their entry upon the hungry masses.  A month passed between the first time we heard the name Amaury Vassili and the first time “Sognu” was aired, and there was an arduous 2-month split between Anggun’s name being revealed and the release of “Echo (You and I)”.  For those of you who are chomping at the bit to hear Amandine’s track, I say: “patience”.

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