Preview: Österreich rockt den Song Contest

Choosing their singer for Malmö only a day after their neighbors in Germany, Austria will bear down and choose a successor for the popo-wokiing Trackshittaz.  “Österreich rockt den Song Contest” will air on ORF and this Friday, February 15th. 

 A few differences to note between this year’s event and last year’s: the contestant pool for 2013 National Final is only half the size of 2012’s, with just five artists vying for the ticket to Sweden.  The competing artists will perform their submitted song as well as a Eurovision classic.  Also, instead of depending purely on the votes of the Austrian public, an international jury will have a 50% influence on this year’s result.  This year’s contenders are:

1. Yela – “Feels Like Home”

2. Falco Luneau – “Rise Above the Night”

3. The Bandaloop – “Back to Fantasy”

4. Natália Kelly – “Shine”

5. Elijah – “Give Me A Sign”

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  1. After the absolute NONSENSE in Germany, if there’s any justice left in the world, the Bandaloop will get the nod for Austria and all will be good with the world. Yela would also be nice but the rest are possibly non-qualifiers (unless the year continues to descend into mediocrity, in which case anything is possible.)

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