Latvia has chosen: it’s PeR!

At least once a year, an act finally makes it to Eurovision after years of failed attempts.  Donny Montell, Litesound, and Pasha Parfeny all made it to the show in Baku after years and years of swinging and missing.  This year, Latvian pop duo PeR (short for Please Explain the Rhythm) finally grabbed the ticket to the ESC with their fifth submission to the National Finals.  Ralfs and Edmunds will take the stage in Malmö with “Here We Go”:

PeR first appeared on the Eirodziesma radar back in 2009, with their song “Bye Bye“, a collaboration with Sabine Berezina.  They returned the next year on their own, but came in last place with their song “Like a Mouse“.  After taking a year off, the group came back in style in 2012 with “Disco Superfly“, coming in 5th place.  This year, the group decided to double-dip, sending two songs to the national selection: “Here We Go” and “Sad Trumpet“.  It appears that persistence finally paid off, as the fifth time was a charm for the duo.

Latvia has not qualified for the Finals since “Wolves of the Sea” back in 2008, and their last foray into rap-fusion, “Angel in Disguise“, got them to 17th place out of 19 in their Semifinal in 2011.  They haven’t cracked into the Top Ten since 2005, and despite PeR’s positive attitude, it’s hard to see Ralfs and Edmunds match Walters and Kazha.  But only time will tell!

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  1. Latvia has finished last in the jury vote in each of the past three years. Will it be any different this year?

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