Preview: Romania’s Selecția Națională

While it seems that most Eurovision-watching eyes will be focused on the Friends Arena in Stockholm/Solna tonight, the Romanian National Selection is also going on!  Following a pair of Semifinals, a dozen songs have qualified for the last hurdle before Sweden.  A 50/50 balance of televote and jury will decide tonight’s victor in Bucharest.

The songs in the running are:

  1. Casa Presei – “Un Refren”
  2. Narcis Iustin Ianău – “Seven”
  3. FreeStay – “Criminal Mind”
  4. Elena Cârstea Muttart – “Spinning”
  5. Luminița Anghel – “Unique”
  6. Ovidiu Anton – “Run Away With Me”
  7. Cezar Florin Ouatu – “It’s My Life”
  8. Cristian Prăjescu – “The Best Thing in Life is to Love”
  9. Electric Fence – “Emilia”
  10. Al Mike feat. Renee Santana – “What is Love”
  11. Tudor Turcu – “Hello”
  12. Andrei Leonte – “Paralyzed”

A playlist with all of the qualifying songs is available here, via TVR’s official YouTube channel.

Who will be the successors to Mandinga’s “Zaleilah”, and how do you think they’ll do in Sweden?

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  1. It’s Cezar! Making Romania’s entry one of the few really interesting (albeit not necessarily GOOD) ones in a contest that has the potential to kill millions of Europeans from sheer boredom.

    This is the first year I’ve paid this much attention to the nationals. Am I overreacting? Does the lineup always look this dire at this point? Do a bunch of crack arrangers and choreographers come in with their industrial strength turd polishers, locating bacon bits of goodness in the dozens of musical tossed salads of wilted iceberg lettuce? Was there ever a point when people were saying that “Euphoria” sucked? Give me reason to believe again!

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