Moldova’s Pick: Aliona Moon

The last National Final of the year was held in Moldova, where “O Melodie Pentru Europa” saw a total of 14 songs vying for the chance to head to Malmö (including one by my personal favorite constant also-ran, Doiniţa Gherman).  Following a close 50/50 jury/televote split, the victory went to Aliona Moon’s ballad “A Million”:

Soon after the victory, however, it was announced that there would be a minor swap from Chisinau: instead of being sung in English, Miss Moon (real name: Aliona Munteanu) would be performing in Romanian, making it the first time that the country has had their song presented entirely in its native language.  Furthermore, this will be the first Romanian-only song heard at Eurovision since 1998’s “Eu cred“, sung by the late Mălina Olinescu.  Here’s “O Mie“.

Does Aliona look a wee bit familiar to you?  Turns out that she was one of Pasha Parfeny’s backing singers in Baku!  It appears that Pasha has returned the favor, though…not only can you see him behind the piano on “A Million/O Mie”, but he actually composed the number, as well.  Will Aliona continue Moldova’s now-four-year qualification streak in a year full of ballads?

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  1. Is this what you would call “pulling a MayaSar”?

    How cool would it be if this language-change (from English to national language instead of vice-versa) started a trend (if I had to sing “the Maya were not so wrong, it’s the end of the world”, I would feel a little awkward, too)? Not that I think it will, though. This reads as an awkward ballad to me, as much as she tries to carry it well. Or maybe the song is not so bad in theory. Maybe the song and singer are mis-married?

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