Macedonia has spoken: Tijana Dapčević goes to Denmark!

In that quiet no-mans-land between the end of the last year’s Final and the first news of future National Selections, news around the Eurovision sphere is often slow and sporadic.  We may not know yet where the 2014 event will be hosted (a great venue in sleepy Herning, an improvised locale in bustling Copenhagen, or a completely off-the-wall suggestion from Horsens?), but at least we know the second name to be added to the show’s roster.

Earlier this week, Macedonian broadcaster MRT confirmed not only their participation in Denmark but also their flag-bearer: veteran pop star Tijana Todevska-Dapčević, who has been churning out hits since she came on the scene in the late ’90s.  Her breakthrough performance came with her 2002 victory at the Sunčane Skale festival with “Negativ“, followed by hits like “Stepski vuk“, and “Sve je isto, samo njega nema“, which shines a light on the former Yugoslav republics following the days of Tito.

Tijana’s 2014 participation isn’t the first time she’s flirted with the idea of Eurovision.  In 2006, she participated in Beovizija, the Serbo-Montenegrin National Final, with “Greh”, coming in 8th place.  (Considering that Serbia and Montenegro eventually withdrew their participation that year, the point is moot, but the song still remains!)

It should also be noted that while this is Tijana’s first trip to the big dance, it’s a journey that her sister Tamara has already taken.  Back in 2008, the younger Todevska (along with Vrčak and Adrian) came in 10th place in their semifinal with “Let Me Love You”, only to have their qualification pipped by the juries, who decided to send Charlotte Perelli’s “Hero” in their place.

Tijana’s song (or at least the process by which it will be selected) will be revealed at a later date.  But so far, Macedonia’s recent streak of sending seasoned performers continues…will she be another Kaliopi, or another Esma?  Will she avenge the misfortune of her sister?  Only time will tell…

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