Israel has selected: Mei Feingold!

After a few years of disappointing results, despite some stellar entrants and unforgettable personalities, Israeli broadcaster IBA has decided to turn to an internal selection for their participation in Copenhagen.  This year, Israel turns to Kokhav Nolad alum Mei Feingold, who came to national fame back in 2009 as she took the bronze in the televised talent show.  (This makes Mei the fourth veteran of the show to take the stage at Eurovision, following Shiri Maimon, Boaz Mauda, and Harel Skaat.)

While Mei’s voice has been described as bluesy and well-suited to rock, she can pull off a soulful evergreen like “Hallelujah” with ease.

After the songs’ unveiling on February 27nd (with public voting opening just afterwards), an abbreviated Kdam will be held on March 6th, where the three songs (including one written by Mei herself) will be performed once more and the choice of the Israeli people will be announced.

Due to the observation of Israeli Independence Day on May 6th, IBA has been given special dispensation by the EBU to perform in the Second Semifinal, to be held on May 8th.

So, will Mei bring Israel back into the Finals for the first time since 2010, or does IBA’s rough patch continue?

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