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Breaking News from the Czech Republic!!!

…and the surprises never end in the world of Eurovision!  It seems that within the past few moments, the Czech Republic has decided to put aside their differences with Eurovision, suck up the heavy late-registration fees and penalties, and submit an entry for Düsseldorf!  The Czechs have been absent from Eurovision since their nul-points placement back in 2009 with’s “Aven Romale“, and their highest placement ever was 2008’s “Have Some Fun“, which only received nine points in its semifinal and failed to qualify.

After the jump, check out the just-revealed entry for the Czech Republic!

Of course, as you’ve probably figured out by now, that was “Jožin z bažin” by Ivan Mládek and his Banjo Band, the 1977 classic. 

Happy April Fool’s Day, everybody! 🙂