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The Shin feat. Mariko Ebralidze for Georgia

Following Georgia’s disappointing finish in 2012, when Anri Jokhadze’s “I’m a Joker” failed to break through the Semifinals for the first time in the nation’s Eurovision history, national broadcaster GPB decided to change tactics in 2013.  Rather than holding a national final, singers Sophie Gelovani and Nodi Tatishvili were selected internally and given a song by Eurovision veteran Thomas G:son.  “Waterfall” may have brought Georgia back into the finals, but only by the skin of their teeth, and coming in 15th place overall.

Maybe it was time for another change of tactics.

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JESC 2013 Preview: Part 1

Well, we’re just about at the apogee of the Eurovision calendar, when we’ve got as much time behind our last ESC experience as we do before the next one.  For some, that means that broadcasters are just beginning to publicize their plans, and the first names are beginning to be announced for a few early-bird nations.  However, as the plans for the grown-ups lie somewhat dormant, their younger counterparts are gearing up for their turn in the spotlight.

This year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place on November 30 in “Ukraine Palace of Arts”, located in the heart of Kiev.  The event will be hosted by 2013 ESC representative Zlata Ognevich and 2005 JESC host Timor Miroshnychenko (try saying that five times fast!), with musical appearances from Ruslana, Emmelie de Forest, and Zlata herself. Read the rest of this entry

Georgia: “Waterfall” released

Back on New Year’s Eve, Georgian broadcaster GPB announced that Sopho Gelovani and Nodiko Tatishvili would represent the nation in Malmö, in the hopes that the pair would bring Georgia back into the Finals after a disappointing showing in Baku.  Early on Wednesday, the duet’s entry, “Waterfall”, was revealed to the public during a popular morning chat-show. Read the rest of this entry