We Have a Winner!

…And, it starts!

The first official Preselection of the year has just finished in Switzerland, and so the first official entry for Eurovision 2011 has been hammered down.  Out of twelve songs, sung in English, French, Italian, Swiss-German, and even Albanian, with genres ranging from teen-pop to country to rock to acapella and back again, one winner reigned supreme:

Congratulations  go out to Anna Rossinelli and her song “In Love for a While”!

Following my hypothesis that last year’s winner creates next year’s trend, Anna’s sweet, youthful brand of pop isn’t a far cry from Lena Meyer-Landrut’s carefree style from last year (and, come to think of it, this year, as well!).  “In Love for a While” reminds me of Colbie Caillat’s monster hit “Bubbly” (which, incidentally, hit #11 on the Swiss charts).  Honestly, this might be a bit of a strike against her; whenever I try to think of this song, “Bubbly” pops into my head instead.  This 23-year old native of Basel seems to be unsigned at the moment (which I doubt will stay the case for much longer).  Let’s see if she can finally crack back into the Finals, a goal that the Swiss have missed since 2006 (when they automatically qualified for it).

Best of luck, Anna!

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  1. O my God! That's what I thought!In Love For A While does sound like a cross between Lucky by Jason Mraz and Bubbly by Colbie Caillat! It just makes certain curves away from the specific melodies of either of those two songs, and in the end, it does not really go anywhere!Also, In Love For A While is kind of a stupid-sounding title, or at the very least strange.In my first ever Eurovision Song Contest being inside Europe, Switzerland will not have the honour of being the nation I support. Sorry!

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