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“Hunter of Stars” Catches the Win in Switzerland

Last night in Kreuzlingen, just a stone’s throw away from the German border, Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow took place at the Bodensee Arena.  A somewhat slim field of six entrants presented their songs and performed covers, hoping to find support in the Swiss voting public and a ten-member professional jury.   Read the rest of this entry

Preview: Switzerland’s “Grosse Entscheidungsshow”

Starting a mere ten minutes after its Finnish counterpart, the Swiss National Final (or, for the linguistically capable, “Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow”) will be held in Kreuzlingen this Saturday, hosted by veteran Swiss Eurovision presence Sven Epiney.  Following the submission of over 200 entries from all over the world (as the Swiss generally do not technically place geographical restrictions on who can enter), the nation’s major broadcasters have whittled the selection down to six finalists.
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Heilsarmee for Switzerland (or is it?)

Heilsarmee_-_You_and_Me_(cover)It’s been a bit of a whirlwind of a long weekend for Eurovision fans (and for me personally, since I’ve spent about 16 hours in the air going to and from the Swiss National Final), so let’s get cracking at climbing the mountain of ESC news that’s come our way over the past few days! Read the rest of this entry

Preview: National Final in Switzerland

After last week’s National Final in Belarus, Eurovision Preseason is really ramping up.  The eyes of the ESC community now turn to Kreuzlingen, a small resort town on the Bodensee within spitting distance of the German border, where Die Grosse Entscheidungs Show will take place at 8pm on Saturday night.  After three sub-national selections, where songs were picked from each of the German, French, and Italian-speaking broadcasters (SF, RTS, and RSI, respectively), we will see nine songs competing for the right to go to Malmö.  Their genres range from schlager to pop-rock to lullabye-ballads to the absolutely bonkers; let’s take a look! Read the rest of this entry

More promo videos? Say it ain’t so!

As expected in the days before the annual Head of Delegation meeting in Baku, more nations are revealing the official promotional videos for their songs.  We’ve gone over some of these new clips in previous posts (check them out here and here), but the past 24 hours have brought in a flash-flood of new videos and remixes. Read the rest of this entry

Switzerland has decided: Sinplus to Baku!

Ivan and Gabriel Broggini, aka Sinplus After a long National Final process that brought together four networks in three languages, we finally have a winner.  Beating out other competitors from all over Switzerland (as well as one “Canadian Idol” alumna), Losone-born brothers Gabriel (vocals) and Ivan (guitar) Broggini, better known as Sinplus, will take the stage in Baku with their pop-rock number “Unbreakable”:

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Swiss National Final preview

Now that the dust has settled on another year’s Junior Eurovision, it’s time to start looking forward to a brand new National Final Season.  Between now and the middle of March, the roster of at least three dozen (and likely more) nations will fill up, one by one…and where better to start than the nation that hosted and won the first Eurovision back in 1956: Switzerland.  This Saturday, December 10, thirteen songs from all over the country (as well as one bonus Canadian) will vie for the ticket to Baku, determined by a 100% televote.  As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, Switzerland has actually been working on their National Final for some time now, working through four regional “pre-preselections” in order to winnow the acts down to their Top Fourteen: Read the rest of this entry


Switzerland has already kicked off their 2012 National Selection Process, and will be picking their official Eurovision entrant on December 10th (only a week or so after Junior Eurovision wraps up in Yerevan, so there’s no time for withdrawal).  The country, however, being a land of four official languages, isn’t making their selection process a simple one.  There are four official pre-Preselections representing German-language radio station DRS3 (who picked three songs via an internal jury), German-language television SF (who will pick six finalists via a 50/50 jury/web vote), French-based station RTS (who will pick 3 songs via an online/jury split vote), and Italian-speaking RSI (who is currently holding a Pre-Pre-Preselection…the public can vote on the two songs that will join five others already selected by an internal jury; only two of those seven will advance to the united Swiss Preselection).  Many of these voting windows will be closing over the next few days, so feel free to check them out soon!  (Non-Swiss votes are accepted, but the Italian and German polls require registration.)

Nearly 250 songs have been submitted to the four pre-preselections, and it’s quite a lot to slog through!  Plus, some of the songs have been submitted to more than one selection in the hopes of making it through to the nationwide-rounds.  Adding to the confusion is the fact that Switzerland is one of the few places where non-Swiss singers can submit entries, regardless of citizenship, residency, or family history.  This year, singers from South Africa, the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Malta, and other nations have submitted entries, hoping to be 2012’s answer to Céline Dion.

Are you confused yet?  Yeah, me too.  In the hopes of clarifying the process, let me point out a few standouts, with a special eye on artists coming from abroad:

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Eurovision 2011: The Best of the Rest (Part 8)

Ok, we’re winding down to the end of our country-by-country list of 2011’s also-rans: the songs that should-have/would-have/could-have gone to Germany if the people had voted differently/if the juries had taken their bathroom breaks at a different time/if the networks had been bribed by a different record company (just kidding!  I think…).

Sweden: As almost any self-respecting Eurovision Fan would know, Sweden’s Melodifestivalen is considered one of the biggest events of the National Final calendar.  Its position in recent years as the last of the national selections means that it’s basically the final stop before the big event in May.  It tends to get higher viewership numbers in its homeland than Eurovision itself does, and ESC fans the world over flock to the Globen each year in order to watch the final firsthand.  This year’s Melodifestivalen certainly did not disappoint, with 32 songs competing over four semifinals and an “Andra Chansen (Second Chance)” round for the chance to redeem Sweden’s Eurovision hopes after a tough crash-and-burn last year.  As we all know, Eric Saade not only came out on top this year with “Popular“, but he gave the Swedes their highest placement on the ESC scoreboard since their victory back in 1999.

Eric faced some stiff competition, however.  Danny Saucedo’s runner-up “In the Club” got quite a bit of attention.  The track ended up as #2 on the Swedish Singles Chart, and Danny even got to read out Sweden’s votes this year at Eurovision.  (Eric had that honor last year; maybe it’s an omen of good things to come for Danny?):

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We Have a Winner!

…And, it starts!

The first official Preselection of the year has just finished in Switzerland, and so the first official entry for Eurovision 2011 has been hammered down.  Out of twelve songs, sung in English, French, Italian, Swiss-German, and even Albanian, with genres ranging from teen-pop to country to rock to acapella and back again, one winner reigned supreme:

Congratulations  go out to Anna Rossinelli and her song “In Love for a While”!

Following my hypothesis that last year’s winner creates next year’s trend, Anna’s sweet, youthful brand of pop isn’t a far cry from Lena Meyer-Landrut’s carefree style from last year (and, come to think of it, this year, as well!).  “In Love for a While” reminds me of Colbie Caillat’s monster hit “Bubbly” (which, incidentally, hit #11 on the Swiss charts).  Honestly, this might be a bit of a strike against her; whenever I try to think of this song, “Bubbly” pops into my head instead.  This 23-year old native of Basel seems to be unsigned at the moment (which I doubt will stay the case for much longer).  Let’s see if she can finally crack back into the Finals, a goal that the Swiss have missed since 2006 (when they automatically qualified for it).

Best of luck, Anna!