Lena’s First Semifinal in Germany

As we all know, last year’s winner Lena Meyer-Landrut will be defending her title on home soil this year, and Stefan Raab is at the helm of the National Selection once more.  This time around, Lena will be competing against herself; the twelve songs up for the golden ticket are the twelve cuts off of her new album, “Good News” that will be released on February 8th.

Image source http://escdaily.com/articles/7456

On Monday, we heard the first six of those tracks, with three of them moving on to the next round.
1) “Good News” (written by Americans Audra Mae & Ferras Alqaisi)
2) “Maybe”(written by Germans Daniel Schaub & Pär Lammers)
3) “I Like You” (written by American Rosi Golan & Northern Ireland-born Johnny McDaid)
4) “That Again”(written by…surprise surprise…Stefan Raab)
5) “Taken By A Stranger” (written by Americans Gus Seyffert, Nicole Morier, Monica Birkenes)
6) “What Happened to Me”(written by Lena and Stefan)

Normally, I’d place a link to YouTube videos of each of these songs, but Germany’s broadcaster is pretty stringent about copyright violations, and many of these videos have been taken down (or will be in the near future).  The best place to check the songs out is on the official “Unser Song für Deutschland” website here.

The winners on Monday, determined purely by a public vote, were:
“Taken By a Stranger”
“What Happened to Me”

We’ll hear the final six songs on February 7th, and the Finals will conclude on February 18th.

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