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A “Glorious” Choice in Germany

Valentine’s Night brought us a plethora of Eurovision news, none more exciting than Germany’s National Selection show, “Unser Star für Malmö”.  A dozen songs ranging in genre from swinging-60’s to brash brass band to Gregorian chant to electropop took the stage in Hanover, leaving themselves to the mercy of a professional jury, a public televote, and feedback from radio stations from all over Germany.  Read the rest of this entry

Preview: Germany’s “Unser Song für Malmö”

For the past few years, Germany has been in a state of refining its formula for selecting an artist and song for Eurovision.  A 2009 internal selection was followed by “Unser Star für Oslo”, which introduced the world to a then-unknown schoolgirl from Hanover named Lena Meyer-Landrut.  When she returned to Eurovision as a champion the next year, the format was tweaked to find the perfect follow-up song for her.  Following the successes of “Satellite” and “Taken By A Stranger“, “Unser Star für Baku” found another new talent, Roman Lob, who gave Germany its third Top-Ten placement in a row with “Standing Still“. Read the rest of this entry

Toe-to-Toe ESC Smackdown!

As I’ve said before, April is typically Eurovision No-Man’s-Land as we wait for rehearsals to start.  Why not fill the time with a bit of friendly competition?

So many of this year’s artists got to where they are today by standing on the shoulders of giants.  Or, at the very least, covering other people’s songs at National Finals or “Idol”/”X-Factor”/”The Voice”-type programs.  By sheer luck and coincidence, many of 2012’s Eurovision performers have either covered the same songs as one another, or simply performed past ESC classics.  So, in order to pass a bit of time, why don’t we figure out whose versions reign supreme?

As the Chairman would (almost) say..."Allez Musique!"

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Germany has decided: It’s Roman Lob!

In an exciting, yet unsurprising conclusion, Germany has found their Star for Baku in 21-year-old Roman Lob, beating runner-up Ornella de Santis in a close final vote.  The finals of “Unser Star für Baku” weren’t just about the “who”, however; it was just as much about the “what”! Read the rest of this entry

Preview: Finals in Germany’s “Unser Star für Baku”

After a month’s worth of heats, semifinals, and performances by twenty hopeful singers, Germany is finally down to a final two in its search for their next Eurovision star.  In a close semifinal on Monday, Shelley Huber and Yana Gercke were voted out, leaving Roman Lob and Ornella de Santis still in the running.

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Germany: And we’re down to the Final Four!

We’re getting down to the wire in Germany’s National Selection, “Unser Star für Baku”.  Now with twice-weekly shows, the Finals are just days away.  Germany’s top five candidates were given the chance to sing a pair of songs this week; who came out on top, and who’s heading home?

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One more Star Eliminated in Germany

We’re getting closer to finding Germany’s next Eurovision Star, meaning that one more candidate has been cut from the list of ProSieben’s talent search “Unser Star für Baku”.  We’re getting down to the wire; after tonight’s show, only five names are left in the search to find out who will fill Lena Meyer-Landrut’s shoes. Read the rest of this entry

Germany: Two more contestants out of “Unser Star für Baku”

Another week, another elimination in Germany’s search for their next Eurovision star.  This time around, the eight remaining contestants performed, hoping for one of only six spots in Monday’s show.  There was a minor modification in the voting, however; while the rankings and percentages were still instantly displayed on screen as they were tallied, there was a series of “final countdowns”, determining the placement of contestants one by one.  That is, when the first timer ran out, that locked in the winner of the televote, rather than who was immediately going home.  A second countdown was held, determining the night’s runner-up, et cetera.  It appears that this was done in order to cut down on the chaos of previous weeks, and it seems to be working thus far.

Eliminated this week were:

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Two contestants eliminated in Germany

This week’s episode of “Unser Star für Baku” has just wrapped up, which means that it’s time to say “Auf Wiedersehen” to two of this year’s Top Ten.  After a round of performances and the instant-result televote that we’ve been seeing from Germany this year, the two eliminated contestants are:

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Second Semifinal in Germany

The second heat for Germany’s ” Unser Star für Baku” was held today on the ProSieben network.  Like last week, the dynamic new instant-tally system was used during the show, allowing viewers at home and in the studio to see the standings throughout the proceedings.

After another nail-biting round of voting, qualifying for the next round are: Read the rest of this entry