It’s Senit for San Marino!

Yesterday, we received the official confirmation of news that had been floating around the ESC Rumor Mill for quite a while: Italian singer Senit will be representing the tiny Republic of San Marino in Düsseldorf this year. 

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The 31-year-old Senit (born Senhit Zadik Zadik) was born in Bologna to Eritrean parents, and has released three successful albums so far, including one in English.  She’s also done a fair amount of stage work on Switzerland and Germany.  We’re not sure if she will be singing in Italian, English, both, or something else entirely, but the San Marinese broadcaster will be revealing more information shortly on the country’s second-ever Eurovision entry.  SMRTV says that in choosing Senit as their representative, they are reflecting the nation’s own history as a location with an international flavor.  (Then again, with only 32,000 residents, they might also just be running out of available singers…)

Here are a few of Senit’s hits:

What do you think of Senit representing San Marino?  Will she do better than MiOdio in 2008?

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  1. She has such distinct looks. On the other hand, her music does not sound distinct at all. Work Hard was pretty cute, though. Dedication, baby!There is almost no doing worse than MiOdio. The only thing worse than last place is last place with 0 points, and I doubt she will get 0 points. Getting to the Final, though, will be tough, I think.

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