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JESC 2013 Preview: Part 3

250px-JESC_2013_logoThe moment of truth is just about here!  Tomorrow, November 30th, young talent from a dozen nations will set foot on stage at the Ukraine National Palace of Arts in the hopes of bringing home this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest championship trophy.  In our first two previews (viewable here and here), we looked at eight of the acts vying for the title; let’s look at our last group! Read the rest of this entry

She’s Baaaack…Valentina goes for the Three-Peat

We haven’t even had time to get over 2013’s round of PED, but fans are already eagerly looking ahead to what will happen in Denmark next May.  Unlike this past year’s announcements from Sanmarinese broadcaster SMRTV, where we had to wait until January for an artist and until March for a song, the delegation from the Serenissima Repubblica have not only anonunced their participation in 2014, but they’ve revealed their performer: 2012 and 2013 alum Valentina Monetta, likely with yet another Ralph Siegel composition.  Read the rest of this entry

San Marino: “Crisalide” Emerges

Back in late January, Sanmarinese broadcaster SMRTV finally put to rest all of the rumors floating around their supposed participant (including a heavily-circulated rumor regarding 1956 champion/recent Swiss National Final also-ran Lys Assia), and confirmed that 2012’s performer Valentina Monetta would be representing the tiny republic once again, this time with an Italian-language entry entitled “Crisalide (Vola)”.  Like 2012’s “The Social Network Song”, the entry was written by veteran composer Ralph Siegel (bringing Siegel’s Eurovision tally up to a staggering 22, starting back in 1974).  Unlike last year, “Crisalide” seems much more tailor-made for a performer of Valentina’s genre and experience. Read the rest of this entry

News from San Marino: The Return of Valentina Monetta

(Warning: the following post may cause slight nausea in some readers, heart palpitations in others, and general feelings of déjà vu in most.  Please consult your doctor before reading.  Or at least post a status on Facebook.)

Well, San Marino, we meet again.  You think you could fool us by refusing to deny the various rumors spreading about the blogosphere about the return of Lys Assia.  You thought you could confuse us by posting calendars in Chinese on your Facebook page and not stopping the significant number of tweets sent out to Eurovision fans by a pair of (now disappointed) singers from Hong Kong.  But uh oh, uh oh oh, it appears that you had the last laugh in the end. Read the rest of this entry

San Marino: Modified “Social Network” Released

After a bit of controversy over their entry “Facebook (Uh, Oh, Oh)”, San Marinese broadcaster SMTV today released a modified version that falls more in line with the European Broadcasting Union’s rule regarding the banning of commercial messages in Eurovision songs.  Mostly retaining the spirit of the original, Valentina Monetta’s song will now be called “The Social Network Song (Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh)”. Read the rest of this entry

San Marino: EBU puts the kibosh on “Facebook”

When San Marino unveiled their Ralph Siegel-composed entry for Eurovision 2012 this week, there was an almost immediate reaction to the song, “Facebook (Uh Oh Oh)”.  One of the many points of discussion was the fact that the song overtly referenced a business, which seemed to break the rules of the Contest.  Well, as expected, the EBU sat up and took notice of San Marino’s entry and its references to Facebook (which is banned by the rules and regulations of the Contest), and have put out the following statement: Read the rest of this entry

San Marino: Valentina Monetta releases “Facebook (Uh, Oh, Oh)”

The microstate of San Marino was one of the last countries to announce their performer for Baku, and they seem to have found it in local singer Valentina Monetta!  In a press conference today, the Sanmarinese delegation released the Ralph Siegel-penned ode to social networking, “Facebook (Uh, Oh, Oh)”. Read the rest of this entry

Follow Up Single Time, Part 3

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a whole bunch of new and recent releases from all over the Eurovision world.  Let’s see what we’ve got…

One of the more highly-anticipated songs from the post-Düsseldorf boom comes, of course, from the irrepressible Jedward.  The Irish twins, who are planning on releasing their new album, “Victory”, in August, have already gone to the top of the Irish Charts with their new single, “Bad Behaviour”.  Featuring Hollywood blogger Perez Hilton (who, incidentally, happens to be the namesake of the Grimes Brothers’ parrot…), both the song and accompanying video keeps the high-energy, frenetic pop vibe of “Lipstick” going strong.  The pair are currently touring the UK, Ireland, and Germany.

Jedward – Bad Behaviour (Official Music Video) HQ from xeaaasy on Vimeo.

San Marino’s Senit has also released her next track, entitled “Through the Rain”.  At this point, however, it is only available through the Italian version of iTunes.  This upbeat, danceable track seems to be more in line with Senit’s previous releases than the sweet, subtle “Stand By”, and it even clocks in at less than the Eurovision-standard three minute mark.  Could this have been the mysterious other track that SMRTV had considered sending to Eurovision?

Following “Rusinka”, (FYR) Macedonia’s Vlatko Ilievski has just released his next video, for “Moja Tamna Rijeko”.  Call me crazy, but I prefer this softer side of Vlatko over the man we saw in Germany.  It might not be as catchy as “Rusinka”, but at least we can hear him singing this time around!  What are your thoughts?

Last, but certainly not least, Finland’s Paradise Oskar (Axel Ehnström) has released his second single, “Sunday Everyday”. 

Axel took home the Marcel Bezençon Press Award from the accredited journalists in Düsseldorf after his performance of “Da Da Dam”, and if you were a fan of his sweet, introspective, acoustic-driven style, his album “Sunday Songs” might be just your speed.  It’s hit the Top Five in the Finnish charts, and he’s touring actively throughout the summer. 

More new versions and videos released!

As expected, Albania has revamped their entry for Düsseldorf.  What was once Aurela Gaçe’s “Kënga Ime” is now “Feel the Passion”:

I feel like I’m in the minority here, but I loved Aurela’s song the first time I heard it, and this revamp only solidifies my position.  Aurela is this year’s diva, and whether she wins or not, she is making this her show.  (It’s funny, though; I was talking with my friend Slavi yesterday before we saw the new video or heard the translation, and I told him how I imagined that the clip would somehow involve Aurela standing on top of a mountain or other high point, a wind machine fluttering around some epic dress, and an eagle soaring.  I should have placed money on it!)

On the other end of the Eurovision world (geographically speaking), the Icelandic representatives have released the English-language version of “Aftur Heim“, “Coming Home”.

It seems that “Aftur Heim” was, in fact, originally written with English lyrics, with the text eventually refined by the wife of the late Sigurjón Brink.  The song was performed in Icelandic for the National Final, as per the network’s rules, but the door was always open to have it performed in English.  We all know the story of Sigurjón and his tragic passing by now, but hearing this song in a language that I can understand just makes the whole thing even more powerful.  “Coming Home” is performed admirably, and is truly a celebration of Sjónni’s life and work.

Also releasing an official video clip is San Marino’s Senit, with her ballad “Stand By”:

(Sharp-eyed ESC fans might recognize some of the same landscapes and landmarks as seen in MiOdio’s video for “Complice“.  Then again, considering that San Marino is only about 24 square miles (61 sq km), that’s not too difficult.)

Only slightly bigger, at 121 square miles (316 sq km), is Malta, which coincidentally also released their official preview video today for Glen Vella’s “One Life”:

(It appears that half of Malta’s population took part in this year’s National Selection, and the other half appears in Glen’s video!)

Finally, Croatia’s new preview video has been released: Daria Kinzer’s “Lahor” “Break a Leg” “Celebrate”!

I’m sure more videos are coming down the pipeline within the next few days, as the official “Heads of Delegation” meeting is happening now in Düsseldorf.  We’ll also have the official draw for the running order tomorrow afternoon (or, for me, morning!).  Even though Preselection Season is officially over, there’s still lots to do before the First Semifinal on May 10th!

Senit will "Stand By" for San Marino

SMRTV just aired a brief program (also viewable on finally presenting Senit’s song for San Marino this year.  After a quick interview, we have discovered that the Eritrean-Bolognese perform “Stand By”, an English-language ballad, in the first Semifinal on May 10th.

This is San Marino’s second appearance at Eurovision; the first, with MiOdio’s “Complice“, sadly came in last place in its semifinal back in 2008.  I think Senit’s voice is really beautiful in “Stand By”, and it will be one of only two ballads in her semi (unless Azerbaijan produces one, as well, but we’ve yet to hear from them).  It doesn’t have as much of a “pow” factor as some of the other tunes in this half of the competition, but Senit comes off as so positive and cheerful that her personality might be the key to this performance.