Lena’s Second Semifinal in Germany

Today, Lena presented the final six candidates for her Song for Düsseldorf (also, the final six cuts on her new album, “Good News”, which is being released on February 8th…nice timing, PR people!).  After another entertaining show (including a parade of adorable outfits on Miss Meyer-Landrut), we’ve got the top three songs that will be moving on to the Finals on February 18th.

Qualifying to the next round and joining “Taken By a Stranger“, “Maybe“, and “What Happened to Me” in the finals:
A Million and One” written by Stavros Ioannou & Errol Rennalls
Push Forward” written by Daniel Schaub & Pär Lammers (who also wrote “Maybe”)
Mama Told Me” written by Stefan Raab & Lena Meyer-Landrut (who also wrote “What Happened to Me”)

Eliminated in this round were:
Teenage Girls” written by Viktoria Hansen, Lili Tarkow-Reinisch and Yacine Azeggagh
At All” written by Aloe Blacc
A Good Day” written by Audra Mae, Todd Edgar Wright and Scott Simons

Now, some rumblings have been coming up recently claiming that if either of Raab’s songs goes to Eurovision, that he should step down as host, likely to be replaced by Hape Kerkeling.  No further confirmation of this has come up, either from the EBU or the German broadcasters, so I honestly doubt that he will be forced to recuse himself as host.  Furthermore, when Belgrade hosted Eurovision back in 2008, host Željko Joksimović was the author of “Oro”, Serbia’s entry that year, with no major outcry or claims of malfeasance.  But, of course, we’ll see what happens!

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