Azerbaijan has decided…

…and in a sudden twist, the Land of Fire has decided to send not one, but two singers to Germany in May!  After months of semifinals, winnowing 77 contestants down to only five, broadcaster İctimai Television made the executive decision to send both Eldar Gasimov (the only remaining male contestant) with Nigar Camal (an Azeri-born singer now living in London) to sing a duet, which will be announced hopefully sometime in the near future. 

Here’s the baby-faced Eldar:

…And here’s Nigar:

Remember, last year Azerbaijan put literally millions of dollars behind Safura’s entry to Oslo, hiring world-class choreographers, producing a high-end music video, and even advertising their entry on ESC blogs in order to gain more momentum.  It resulted in a somewhat disappointing 5th place for “Drip Drop”, considering the effort they put into it.  What do you think will happen this year?

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  1. … last year Azerbaijan put literally millions of dollars behind Safura's entry to Oslo…For some reason, that line cracked me up!

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