It’s Jedward for Ireland!

As prayed for by many, feared by just as large an amount, and expected by most, RTÉ’s 2011 Eurovision hunt has resulted in a win by Jedward and their song “Lipstick”.  For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, or for those who are inexperienced in the world of the Grimes brothers, brace yourself.

I hate admitting this, but after a few listens to “Lipstick” (and particularly the studio version), it’s actually beginning to grow on me.  John and Edward’s voices might not be the second coming of Johnny Logan, but they’re incredibly energetic and high-spirited, and they have cannonballed completely into Eurovision’s campy deep end.  Love them or hate them, you know that they’ll put on a massive show in Germany, and the cameras will be following them around religiously at the Euroclub.  Whether this means that they’ll turn into the next Silvia Night or the next Verka Serduchka, who knows?  But, then again, Silvia and Verka were both considered joke entries, while Jedward (and their fans) aren’t.  Granted, I don’t want to go so far as to call them “serious musicians”…”serious entertainers” might be the better choice of phrase, don’t you think?  Will they win Eurovision?  I doubt it (although they’ll probably get maximum points from the UK if they reach the Finals).  At the very least, their enthusiasm is infectious.

The biggest drawback that I see here is that a hole in the ozone layer might open up right over Düsseldorf due to all of the hair products the boys use to construct their trademark coifs…please be careful, boys!

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  1. Don't do it, boys! It's a sex trap, devised by a band of pedophiles!As for the song: Melodifestivalen reject. It was written by Swedes who did not want to face rejection from their own country, so they went over to the desperate Irish who would more readily accept them.Awful lyrics, too:"I got my LIP-stick ON, here I come, da DA dam, we got our LIP-stick ON, here we come, da DA dam, check out my COLOR, hey, hey, check out my COLOR, hey, hey!"Speaking of Da Da Dam, I look forward to your Finnish post! As well as Maltese, Icelandic, and Norwegian ones! You got work to do…

  2. Well, like I said, people don't turn to Jedward when they want serious, musicological innovation or deep philosophical meaning. They want a bit of fun, which the twins more than provide!(Oh, and it's "collar", not "color/colour", by the way…still not a genius lyric, but oh, well.)

  3. I know! Pedophiles rigged the voting! ARGH!As for the song: the hook is nothing more than that little rise on the "Lip" syllable amidst relatively monotone/repetitive melody. There is also nothing much below the surface, and lyrics do not help this.It does sound awful much like Melodifestivalen-reject, now that I hear it put that way!That is NOT how the lyrics go, but now I won't be able to think of them the same way after I read that comment! Haha!

  4. Well, I guess you are right about their role in society; it would be pretty freaky if the twins were to turn all Farmerian on us (if you know who Mylène Farmer is, that is the style I mean. She has no connections to Eurovision, now that I think of it, but she is still huge in France.)!Look at my collar? And that is supposed to mean what, exactly?By the way, I think Johnny Logan is still alive. I think the "second coming" expression is used for people who are dead, is it not?

  5. (The fact that everyone's replying as "Anonymous" is throwing me for a loop, here!) I know Johnny Logan's still alive, of course! 😉 I didn't mean the second coming of his existence, but rather of his on-stage ESC presence of yesteryear. And considering that Mr. Logan seems to be the paragon of excellence that Ireland often seems to strive for in Eurovision, he does have that sort of messiah-like aura about him, doesn't he? But I'm probably the wrong person to ask, as I'm an agnostic who was raised Jewish…As for the "collar" lyric, a man having lipstick on his collar means that he's had some sort of flirtation…

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