It’s Magdalena Tul for Poland!

As a Valentine’s Day gift to Eurofans everywhere, the Polish delegation decided on their representative to Eurovision 2011 today.  After ten performances and a public televote (which, unlike many other national finals, was what the decision was entirely based on, rather than splitting the choice with a professional jury), the Polish decision was made, loud and clear.  With a full 44.47% of the vote (twice as much as the runner-up), the winner was Magdalena Tul’s “Jestem (I Am)”:

Magda, a 30-year-old Gdansk native, is an experienced performer (she’s appeared in local productions of “Miss Saigon”, “Cats”, and “Grease”, among others).

Now, I generally have terrible luck when it comes to having my favorite songs from a preselection actually make it through to Eurovision itself.  “Jestem”, however, immediately stood out to me when I heard it for the first time.  Even though it’s in Polish (a language I don’t speak in the slightest), it’s instantly catchy and memorable, with a great beat.  Poland’s debut entry, “To Nie Ja!“, came in second place back in 1994, but the nation has only made it back into the Top Ten once since then.  In my opinion, this is the best song that Poland has sent to an ESC in years, and if Magda keeps the energy high, this might just end up turning into 2011’s “Shady Lady”.

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  1. She is really beautiful, with her hair up and with her hair down.Did you catch the music video? I think it is perfect for a song like this. The ending is especially pretty fancy!The language is perfect as it is, not only because she is singing in her native language, but because the language suits the song so well. Do you think she might change it to English? I hope she does not.The fact that she composed this and made the lyrics all by herself is further commendable.

  2. You mean the cool lighting effect at the end? :-)'s really very beautiful…she reminds me of someone, but I can't quite put my finger on it…maybe a bit like Dannii-Minogue-meets-a-brunette-Christina-Aguilera?

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