It’s the TWiinS for Slovakia!

After a game of hot-and-cold that would make Katy Perry’s head spin, Slovakia decided to participate in Eurovision 2011 (as opposed to paying a hefty fine imposed by the EBU for a late withdrawal).  In order to save money and resources, the Slovak broadcaster decided to go with an internal selection this year, as opposed to the full preselections that we’ve seen from them in 2009 and 2010.  After a few weeks of rumors that last year’s runner-up Mista or the local “Idol” winner would represent the country in Germany, it was officially announced today that 24-year-old sisters Daniela and Veronika Nízlová, better known to the world as “TWiiNS” would represent their homeland with the song “I’m Still Alive”.  (Sadly, my favorite, Tomáš Bezdeda, wasn’t on the shortlist this year.)  Daniela and Veronika are no strangers to the Eurovision experience; they were backup singers for the Czech Republic’s 2008 entry, “Have Some Fun” by Tereza Kerndlová.  (Then again, knowing that “Have Some Fun” came in second-to-last place in its semifinal, I’m not sure if the Nízlovás would willingly admit their prior participation…)

The song will be premiered on March 5th, when the girls will perform during the Miss Slovakia Universe Pageant.

To hold us over until then, here’s another single from the TWiiNS:

So, it looks like we’re up for an epic battle between the TWiiNS and Jedward: which pair of genetic doubles will reign supreme?!

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  1. It says FUCK in capital letters on that guy's shirt! Prudes of the world, rejoice!

  2. If we got to see Mista's entry for the Slovak selection, why do we have to wait until the 5th of March for the TWiinS' entry?I do not mean to sound negative, but I think Slovakia is screwed. Slovakia sent a beautiful, albeit complex, ballad to Moscow and failed, given lack of promotion for the entry. To Oslo, they sent something more in line with Eurovision tastes, and failed. Now they are sending the quintessential pop tarts who are just hoping for their break by making it to Eurovision. At least I can totally see the TWiinS coming last in the semi-final. Sorry, Slovakia. Not this year. Not that I would be happy to see you withdraw after 2011, but I would totally understand.

  3. Speaking of Katy Perry, doesn't Boys, Boys, Boys sound a bit like California Gurls by Katy Perry? I wonder which came first!I agree with Anonymous; Slovakia seems rather lost for a concrete Eurovision identity, and they have no idea what kind of face Europe wants to see from them.Before the song even comes out, I am predicting that the selection of the TWiinS is NOT a step in the right direction. I really do not want to see them withdraw before they make more tries at this, but I fear they may make like the Czechs and withdraw after their third year at this.Which pair of genetic doubles will reign supreme? Ireland may be clearly West of Slovakia, but I think Jedward has better chances at this, even if I do not quite love them.

  4. I hate to agree with you guys, but Slovakia seems to be wandering in the ESC woods a bit. Keep in mind that they had planned on withdrawing this year, but some sort of flub kept them in! An internal selection was a money- and time-saving move on their part, but by keeping the public's opinion out of the selection, it keeps the Slovaks from finding their own way in Eurovision. I hope the TWiiNS shock us with a good song/performance, and do well enough in the competition to inspire Slovakia to stay, but I'm not expecting it, sadly.As for them coming in last place, that's hard to tell. Latvia's in their semifinal! (Oh, how the mighty have fallen…)(I think "Boys, Boys, Boys" was a remake of an Italian song from the 1980s…so it definitely beats "California Gurls", in terms of age!)

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