Emmy sends "Boom Boom" for Armenia

This weekend, Armenia finally made its decision for Eurovision.  Singer Emmy was internally selected by broadcaster ARMTV back in December, but it was only this weekend that the four candidate songs were fully presented to the public and voted on by a 50/50 audience/jury split.  After all of the ballots were tallied, the winner was “Boom Boom”:

“Boom Boom” beat out two other upbeat songs, “Hi” and “Ayo“, and the ballad “Goodbye” for the victory.  Frankly, out of all of Emmy’s potential entries, this was actually my personal least favorite. The beginning reminds me of “I Wanna”, the Latvian winner from 2002, and while the bridge seems promising, the chorus seems clichéd.  However, Armenia has an incredibly strong track record in their short Eurovision history; since their debut in 2006, they’ve made the Top Ten each year.  I anticipate that Armenia will put together a very high-energy stage show, and considering that traditional voting allies Russia, Georgia, and Greece are in their semifinal, they should be a pretty strong bet to pass into the Finals on May 14th.

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  1. When my eyes landed on the headline "Emmy to perform Boom Boom in Düsseldorf", I could hear a needle scratch a record. I totally counted out Boom Boom from the possibilities, and was convinced that Ayo would go, even if Hi was the other contender in my mind. Hi was overdesigned, in my view. Ayo looked very much like the best choice.Perhaps sending Ayo with Emmy would invite too many comparisons between that and Qele Qele by Sirusho? Maybe Ayo would have been too predictable, and Emmy would have gotten lost amongst the tradition she would be following?Boom Boom is not bad, in the end. It sounds a bit like something from the Crash Bandicoot soundtrack. The "let's try and hold our spirits high" part is such a cute lead up to the chorus! This song seems to have some Latin undertones, which may be giving you that "I Wanna" vibe. The bridge, though, seems like nothing, like there to fill space; that could use some work. The chorus, while cute, lacks a certain impact, I think.-Finland

  2. I think it's the "ay-yai-yai!" that makes me think of Marie…and while the bridge might not be imaginative, it seems to want to build up to something that the chorus simply doesn't deliver. ::sigh::

  3. Her friend Mihran is supposed to accompany her still, right? How is he going to fit into all of this? I forgot about him for a while, so has everyone else, too, forgotten about him?-Finland

  4. Soon after the rumors about Mihran came out, Emmy and ARMTV said that his participation wasn't set in stone, and it would depend a lot on what Armenia's eventual song would be.

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