Senit will "Stand By" for San Marino

SMRTV just aired a brief program (also viewable on finally presenting Senit’s song for San Marino this year.  After a quick interview, we have discovered that the Eritrean-Bolognese perform “Stand By”, an English-language ballad, in the first Semifinal on May 10th.

This is San Marino’s second appearance at Eurovision; the first, with MiOdio’s “Complice“, sadly came in last place in its semifinal back in 2008.  I think Senit’s voice is really beautiful in “Stand By”, and it will be one of only two ballads in her semi (unless Azerbaijan produces one, as well, but we’ve yet to hear from them).  It doesn’t have as much of a “pow” factor as some of the other tunes in this half of the competition, but Senit comes off as so positive and cheerful that her personality might be the key to this performance.

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  1. One of only two ballads in her semi-final? Have we not Finland and Lithuania, maybe even Switzerland and Iceland if you count though as ballads, in San Marino's semi-final?

  2. I should have said "female-driven ballads", really…but I consider the Swiss, Icelandic, and Finnish entries "midtempo pop", rather than ballads. It's more of a personal categorization than anything set in stone…

  3. In a day and age like this, an entry like this will not be an easy sell. This might have been a Eurovision entry easily a couple of decades ago. It also has a heavy feel to it, so it takes a while to fully digest, so is three minutes enough for first-time listeners to get it? Maybe her personality will be the key to selling it!-Finland

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