Semi 2 Predictions and Favorites…

Ok, I went 6/10 for Semifinal 1…let’s see how Semi 2 turns out!

My Personal Favorites:
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Netherlands, Moldova, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Latvia, Denmark, Ireland. (Austria as honorable mention!)

My Predictions:
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Romania, Denmark, Ireland, Ukraine, Estonia, Austria, Sweden, Israel.

…let’s see what happens in a few hours!

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  1. My calculations indicate that's a 9 out of 10, and who could have guessed that Moldova's … unicycle … pixie … hat … thing would have gotten in ahead of Dana International?Congratulations on your amazing foretelling powers. So, who wins on Saturday?

  2. I wonder if this is finally back up yet? lol Anyways, it looks like you got 9/10 correct for this semi. I really wanted Latvia and Bulgaria to make it in, but I am actually pretty happy with the results, except for Moldova. What a load of rubbish. Its a sham that that song made it to the final. Again, it was under my list "absolutely do not want to make it into the final." I couldn't believe it made to the final. It will be interesting to see who actually voted for them when they release the results. I'm guessing Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, and Bulgaria – politically.

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