Who knows?

Wow, Blogspot couldn’t have crapped out on me at a more inconvenient time…

Anyway, as some of you figured out, I went 9 for 10 on the Second Semi’s results, but I promise you that that is where my lucky streak will end.  I honestly have no idea who will take tonight’s Eurovision crown, and I’m not the only one here in the press room who’s up in the air!  People are guessing Azerbaijan, Ireland, the UK, France, Iceland, Denmark…I think Serbia might surprise us a bit and come up to the Top 5, but this year’s draw really put a damper on the pundits’ predictions.  Some of this year’s strongest songs are being performed in the start of the running order, with former underdogs now in the sweet spots in the lineup.  Then again, there are many who say that with the re-inclusion of the Jury’s vote and televoting now allowed throughout the entire show, running order matters less, but Dino Merlin still grimaced when he drew #2.  Only time will tell, my friends…

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  1. I wonder how many people consider a given contest through a historical perspective, as in, how a victory one year will affect future contests, logistically and image-wise. From this view, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, and Iceland would make the best winners.So we have three possible scenarios for Blue: score low, score high, and win. Scoring high is a bad possibility because the United Kingdom thinks it is doing well again, and rests on its laurels. That is what apparently happened after a successful 2009. Besides, it wastes a high placing that could have been used by someone else. Winning is also not a good option because the song is just not good enough, and it will not leave a good mark in the future of the contest. The only positive to this is that it arouses a little more interest among the British public, but will that be enough interest? In this light, Blue scoring low would be the best scenario, not because they are bad, but because they are not good enough.For Jedward, of course, the lower the better. A repeat of Verka Serduchka is something we certainly do not need.Having Azerbaijan or Denmark win would do nothing for the contest; it would be a repeat of 2001 and 2002!Just have faith in your song, Dino! Hopefully Finland will be behind you!-Finland

  2. I for one, hope that the United Kingdom win. lol (For biased reasons obviously) If not them, then I want Estonia to win, which I think they have a good chance to. I find it interesting that you did not put them into your top countries to win. Do you not think they will? If they do win, it will be so cool because I called it right from the beginning. Right when me and you were watching Eesti-Laul, Samantha, I was saying that it was the winning song. But, I can only hope. ^_^

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