Slovakia has decided: My.RO to Baku!

Unlike last year, when we had to wait until February for Slovakia to announce their representative at Eurovision (after months of hemming and hawing about coming to the party at all), today ESC fans got word that RTVS would not only definitely be participating in next year’s event, but that they’ve decided to send Miroslav “Miro” Šmajda and his band My.RO (also known as “Rosemaid”) to Baku (according to, however, a contract has not officially been signed yet, but the Slovak Head of Press is still confident enough to confirm the news). 


In order to save the network money, Miro, the runner-up from 2009’s edition of Česko Slovenská Superstar (the Czech and Slovak version of the “Idols” franchise), will be a largely self-funded participant, much like the TWiiNS were last year.  There will be no National Final to decide what we’ll hear from My.RO; more details on the song will be released soon.  Here’s one of his more recent singles, “Baby”, to hold us over in the meantime:

If “Baby” and his Superstar performances are anything to go by, I’m predicting that My.RO will give us something along the lines of Vukašin Brajić, Vlatko Ilievski, and Next Time…mid-tempo rock with a bit of an early-’90s vibe.  Brajić made it into the finals in 2010, but Vlatko and Next Time both fell at the Semifinal level.  It’s tough to predict at this point without a song in hand (or information on any other participants aside from Cyprus’s Ivi Adamou), but being a rocker at heart, I’m looking forward to Miro and My.RO.

(On another side note, similarly-named ventures have had irregular results… made it out of the semifinals and eventually to a 16th place in Helsinki, but was Eurovision’s last nul-pointer…)

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