Belgium has decided: Iris to Baku!

Fresh on the heels of Wednesday’s announcement form Slovakia, we have news from Belgium that Flemish broadcaster VRT has also made their internal selection for Azerbaijan.  Sixteen-year-old Iris (also known as Airis, real name Laura van den Bruel) will represent her nation this year, with a song to be determined later (VRT will soon hold an open call for songs, but it is unclear whether this means a second internal selection will occur or a small national final).  Iris is managed by SonicAngel, the same group that works with Tom Dice, who sang for Belgium in 2010, bringing the country their best result in years (and the Flemish their best result ever).  Will Iris have the same success?

Here’s a little taste of what she serves up:

(So, looking over my notes, we’ve only got three names so far, but two of them are sixteen-year-old brunettes (the other being Ivi Adamou from Cyprus).  Quite a contrast if Lys Assia ends up representing Switzerland…)

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